$1 vs $10,000 Commercial

Published 2024-03-09
Go buy our new feastables :)

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All Comments (21)
  • @twintek1099
    The fact almost none of these were worth their price point is crazy.
  • @dealforbet8888
    The $750 s'mores commercial was honestly the best out of all of these, it made me want to go buy Feastables immediately.
  • @Mr_minilla
    Jimmy pls make a cookies and cream feastables
  • "oh no... bisexual lighting" ain no way😭😭✋ legit rolling right now, I'm using this line somewhere istg
  • @futcrunch
    $750 dollar commercial was the best
  • @xeqpuis
    This just proved, quality isn't the problem. Ideas are.
  • @jamilow
    $5000 commercial was the best
  • لقد بحثت عن الشوكولا في كل أنحاء سوريا ولم اجدها يبدو أنها لذيذة يا مستر بيست اريد تذوقها ومقابلتك
  • @legohermanos
    This man is a genius, he made a whole commercial about different commercials while commercializing his product💪
  • @nuqi
    Ayyyeee what's up Jimmy
  • @YutubaJJ
    Mr beast, u should make the feastables ‘melt in ur mouth’ Feastables are great