Unreleased Footage | Alaska Bucket List

Published 2021-11-22
Never before seen footage, bloops, fails, and extras from Bucket List: Alaska!!!
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All Comments (21)
  • @troy9361
    Shon: “We’re gonna be so rich!” Derek: “Rich in friendship!” Put Derek’s quote on a t-shirt.
  • Who would've thought from backyard b-ball trickshots to one of the best videos of all time exploring alaska
  • @noone1929
    I love how Ty and Cody independently thought of the same joke of fake “finding” a big nugget and actually both really lost the gold. Jokes on them I guess.
  • @M90thYou
    Respect to whoever was involved in the editing process. The amount of footage that was not used had to have been insane to go through.
  • @TimeBucks
    Really impressed by ty and his ecology classes
  • @golfer4deer238
    I really appreciated the Pebble mine proposal area part. In my nature and society college class we talked about it but I didn’t know what the area looked like exactly and your video showed it’s amazing beauty.
    Worst part about every video is when you finish it and have to wait for the next video 😂😆
  • @roshanwoods5574
    "anybody need a potty break yet? What about a hug?" Not me going around as a socially awkward person and talking like this...
  • @alphamike5778
    I’m now never going to forget the five types of Alaskan salmon. That information is probably useless, but I have it now, thanks Ty.
  • @SoloLard
    Being from Alaska, you all did a very very nice job at exploring everything Alaska has to offer, as well as still staying true to who you all are. Also really appreciate the Pebble mine explanation in there, we have been battling it for years and it is really nice to hear some others inform others and be informed on what it’s impacts will have in that precious area. Very nicely done on everything.
  • @itszaque5031
    I’m a big fan of puffer coats but Tyler’s puffer pants have opened my eyes to a whole new style of outdoor fashion
  • @TheRoyalTNT
    I've rewatched this a couple of times, and I feel the need to say this: The BTS of Alaska Bucket List is far better in my eyes than the actual video. A lot of the main channel videos become pure montages without any personality. I don't care for the fancy drone shots if the more personable moments are left out. Glacier experts, Cory discussing what came first of the train and the car, the ATV guide getting impatient when dealing with the camera crew, and Garrett joking about the views from the train and displaying his quirky behavior when left alone on a jet ski (behavior I can appreciate particularly well as a fellow introvert)—these are moments of gold that you leave out of the main videos at the cutting floor. That's really too bad. I live for those moments in your videos, and I don't think I'm alone in that.
  • @Ohsnaapz31
    I just love Coby's look at life and how he decided to just go with a Polaroid. He has a way of making you reflect on life that way
  • @FilmFeature43
    I can imagine the excitement and anticipation of planning these trips. Laying out everything you’d want to do, and just doing it. It would be a dream come true! But to be fair Cory already panned for gold in the second metal detector battle so he had a leg up from the start.
  • Who else needs to hear a Bane impression (or any bad guy voice, even just an evil laugh) from Garrett? "No one cared who I was till I went bald."
  • @myerlinggames
    Chad, Tim, and the entire editing team. If you are reading this, I beg only 1 thing of you. Please list the songs and audio tracks you use in the videos in the descriptions. Alaska was the best soundtrack of any of your videos, and Shazam cannot capture a single one of them.
  • I love how Cody felt the need to add ‘because I have 2 daughters’ to the statement’I have seen Frozen 2 15 times… in the last month’ 😂
  • @jakejake4733
    It just makes me feel so warm inside when I see how good of a friendship the guys have with their cameramen. It just shows how great of a group they are