I Survived 50 Hours in Apple Vision Pro

Published 2024-02-09
i'ma test the limits of apple vision pro while making spaghetti

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  • @Jushuhwah
    Nima and his endless supply of chocolates. Absolute legend.
  • @tokiyohh
    dude the ending of this was actually the coolest most dystopian feeling you couldve portrayed through all of this., super cool
  • I love how Ryan is just staring at the void in a new location πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • @GenXeroFilms
    That ending was like a Black Mirror episode.

    Well done, kid.
  • this is genuinely a beautifully constructed video. ryan, you are a creative genius and i hope you know that. keep up the amazing work.
  • @perduct
    I love how Ryan gets more socially awkward each video
  • @cheddarfries
    That ending gave me chills for some reason. Good editing.
  • @Rayllum_Nuzi
    7:45 Can't get enough of Haley's innocent "what?". Also, "I LOVE NIMA"
  • @SupertechUSA
    Favorite Vision Pro video! 😁 seriously though must have taken a while with all the shots so really appreciate it!
  • Best line from the video β€œyou want chocolate Ryan?”
  • Cool loop with the start/end dramatic scene! It's like you almost start the 7th season of the Black Mirror with it)
  • πŸ˜‚Crazy how this was so interesting, very educational and also felt like an episode of Black Mirror. Especially their date and that scene where he's watching his recordings of the Vision Pro & feels like he wasn't there during his interactions throughout his day to day activities. Even though he was the one wearing the Vision Pros and recording.
  • As a Ryan myself i can confirm that we never get tired of cars cars, love Nima, work out by playing Fruit Ninja and petting little blue things, get picked last simply because we are better, and live on a different technological universe no regular man can fathom. Oh and go to the Moon when things get awkward.
  • @danrhodes
    That was like a Netflix level ending haha
  • @argspirit8563
    It's crazy how entertaining and funny this guy is in every video until the very end where he always makes it emotional