I Survived 50 Hours in Apple Vision Pro

Published 2024-02-09
i'ma test the limits of apple vision pro while making spaghetti

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  • @emnosaurusrex
    Did not expect that to be so cinematic dude, that was great.
  • Can we just appreciate how Ryan puts himself in these extremely, awkward situations, so we don't have to?
  • @perduct
    I love how Ryan gets more socially awkward each video
  • @danrhodes
    That was like a Netflix level ending haha
  • @Force.mp4
    bro i genuinely love watching ryan, love watching all these experiences. gives me hope, i love the way hes just him, he doesnt care what people think of him online, he seems so innocent bless him haha, but fr thank you for these videos sm, couldnt live without them (literally)
  • @DrSavage11
    i love nima(ryan,you are one of the best youtubers i have ever watched,one of my favorite videos is the worst rated fast food resturants)
  • @king27miles
    I love how Ryan saw Nima multiple different times yet Nima will never know what Ryans eyes look like
  • @Yoboiiryu
    Every time Nima said “You want a chocolate 🍫 Ryan” it was so wholesome 😊
  • @Kiwi_fox569
    I think it’s safe to say that we all love Nima
  • @haleypham
    The way I forgot we were filming the date 🫡 because I was in the headset 😳
  • @lucresiomd7885
    Nima asking him if he wants chocolate every time was the sweetest thing.
  • @feliuscattus3220
    Dude that ending made me genuinely realize that this was humanity’s future. I’m shocked.
  • @SairenKiley
    i love Nima like how i love going to space in an awkward situation