How did the Space Shuttle launch work?

Published 2020-10-01
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00:57-Space Shuttle parts
01:36-Launch Sites
06:05-Launch Pad
08:34-Launch Countdown
11:57-SRB Separation
12:53-ET Separation
13:44-In Orbit

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Space Shuttle:…
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📖Book Sources:
NASA Space Shuttle, 1981 onwards (all models), Owners' Workshop Manual
Space Shuttle: The History of the National Space Transportation System by Dennis R. Jenkins
The History of the American Space Shuttle by Dennis R. Jenkins
Wings In Orbit: Scientifics and Engineering Legacies of the Space Shuttle
Riding Rockets by Mike Mullane

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   • Space Shuttle Era: Launch Pads   - Shuttle Era: Launch Pads

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There is a long process to getting the Space Shuttle ready to launch! If it lands Vandenburg Air Force Base in California then it will need to be flown across the United States to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This is done on the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA). All 135 Space Shuttle Launches happened from Florida. There are two launch pads - 39a and 39b. First the space shuttle is taken to the Orbital Processing Facility (OPF) where maintenance takes place. When there's a Rollover to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) which is the Orbiter is lifted up and bolted to the Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB) and External Tank. The Shuttle is on top of the Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) and is then moved by the Crawler Transporter (CT) to one of the two launch pads. The launch pad is made of the Fixed Service Structure (FSS) and Rotating Service Structure (RSS). Other parts of the launch pad include the Orbiter Access Arm (OAA), Gaseous Hydrogen and Oxygen Vent Arms, Tail Service Masts (TSM), Sound Suppression System, and the Flame Trench. The launch involved Lift Off, Roll Program, Max-Q, and Main Engine Cut Off (MECO).

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  • @assaniyuma6188
    Whoever dislikes this man's effort, you must reevaluated your life
  • This man literally spent most of the summer teaching us about the space shuttle, respect for this man
  • 2:08 Despite being "as tall as a 38-story building", the VAB is technically a 1-story building. It holds the world record for being the tallest building with only one floor.
  • @mtbender74
    Another fun fact I learned at Space Academy in Huntsville, AL is the reason the Main Engines fire at T-6 seconds is because they are angled slightly (note the gimble test earlier). The angle of them causes the whole structure to tilt when they fire and the structure then rights itself. It takes approximately 6 seconds for the structure to come back to vertical so it's pointing straight up when the SRBs fire. If you watch old videos of shuttle launches you can see the "twang" that happens with the main engine ignition.
  • @cloudy4283
    There should be a petition for him to explain how the falcon 9 works
  • Oms: orbital maneuvering system Also the shuttle rolled for 2 main reasons. 1) so the communication antennas weren't obstructed by the tank 2) the more complicated item was the flight azimuth. Basically you need to go in 3 dimensions to get to space. That's very complex math for the computers. Rolling to get the right angle removes 1 direction to manage. Now its only height and distance to calculate. Simplifies the computations for the computers to get into orbit.
  • @89timesavibe
    I was glued! One of the best narrated, space shuttle breaks downs, along with demonstration and graphics which was clean and clear. Amazing work 😊👍🏻
  • @zystem
    Thank you Jared, i love how you explain this, i learn a lot
  • I'm an aerospace engineer, with several spacecraft designs and flight missions under my belt in ca 20 years of career. So I can tell you this: man, you good. Loved the Apollo series, but with the Shuttle you're hitting a new level! Respect
  • I love how he doesn’t just show us cool 3D animations he also teaches us a little about history science and technology.
  • I don't know if you will see this. But I just wanted to thank you so much for this video. My 7 year son is autistic and obsessed with shuttle launches. He's not verbal, but he insists on watching this video everyday on the way to school and on the way home (while following along with his own shuttle) So, thank you for what you do. Your work has brought so much joy to a little boy in FL
  • @predat00r94
    Video idea: How does the Kennedy Space Center work? (Launchpads, VAB, different facilities etc.)
  • @alt8791
    Extra fun facts about the SRBs: At the top, surrounded by solid fuel, is a carbon composite structure shaped like an asterisk (*). This structure burns with the solid propellant, and it makes the propellant around it burn a little faster. However, it burns up entirely in about thirty seconds, and the burn rate slows back down to normal after that. This creates the effect of throttling down the boosters by reducing the amount of thrust they create. The composite structure is sized perfectly so it burns up completely right at max-q. I like this idea because it's a clever way to reduce the thrust when they need to without anything too crazy. Another cool fact is that they were going to make different, lighter, newer boosters for flights out of Vandenberg, but those were cancelled after the Challenger disaster, which was one of the many nails in the coffin of the Shuttle-Vandenberg idea.
  • @midkort
    I don't know how or why you started making these videos, but I am very thankful that you make them. I really appreciate what you're doing! Thank you!
  • @kee5428
    Jared, your videos are absolutely amazing. I am fascinated by space, and you give meaning and understanding to why things are and how things work. Thank you. I just recently visited the Space & Rocket Center in Alabama for the second time with my family ... (a surprise trip for my almost 80-year-old father, who was seeing it for the first time.) ... and after watching your videos, I have a clearer understanding of things. And for the record, the space shuttle, rocket boosters and fuel tank are fascinating to see in person and are ginormous!!! I truly appreciate your work.
  • @rashidnn1367
    "Once inside the animation video, Jared Owen would literally crawl all over to edit and add effects to the work to upload the next video. This process can take several months to complete. This is part of the reason why Jared Owen's content is so marvellous
  • Constant thought- How is this video available for free ? Work of a genius!
  • I really dislike social media. YouTube is the only one I do,and not for much longer, but it's videos like these that I really enjoy tyvm for sharing this.the people that made this vehicle, and what it was capable of doing is absolutely incredible.there are some very intelligent people on earth,im glad they came together to give us this.
  • I was a fan of Jared Owen I suggest one of future videos : -Soviet Moon rocket N1-L3 disaster -About the Baikonur Cosmodrome at Kazakhstan