WSU: Space, Time, and Einstein with Brian Greene

Published 2020-07-30
Join Brian Greene, acclaimed physicist and author, on a wild ride into the mind of Albert Einstein, revealing deep aspects of the world that defy everyday experience. Using a visually rich canvas of animations, Greene leads you through all the startling conclusions of special relativity, from time travel to space warps to E = mc2. In the span of 2+ hours, this short master class will change your conception of reality.

This is a mostly non-mathematical version of the WSU Master Class “Special Relativity with Brian Greene.”    • WSU: Special Relativity with Brian Gr...  


0:00 - Start
The Special Theory of Relativity - 00:05
Speed - 00:05:50
The Speed of Light - 00:18:23
Relativity of Simultaneity - 00:27:42
Time in Motion - 00:37:42
How Fast Does Time Slow? - 00:47:49
Time Dilation: Experimental Evidence - 01:05:31
The Reality of Past, Present, and Future - 01:14:37
Time Dilation: Intuitive Explanation - 01:28:38
Motion's Effect on Space - 01:32:34
The Pole in the Barn: Quantitative Details - 01:49:48
The Twin Paradox - 02:10:39
Implications for Mass - 02:19:17
Special Relativity - 02:29:06

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All Comments (21)
  • @i2ohit
    I wanna confess something, Brian greene's youtube content helped me get out of depression, honestly
  • @user-lr9bj9yo8s
    Isn't that a miracle that we can watch this incredible lecture by world's leasing physicists for free at any moment in spacetime ! We are so lucky !
  • Best delivery of a time dilation explanation ever. Couldn’t leave til the video finished, totally glued. Awesome Dr Greene. Awesome and inspiring.
  • @Slaphappy1975
    Thank you for sharing this. Brian Greene is just the best science communicator. Sometimes im so thankful for YouTube.
  • @cFull_Rtrd
    Every night i go to sleep watching youtube, doesnt matter what im watching, i will wake up in the middle of the night to this video
  • @1halnass
    Can you imagine what we could accomplish if we all had teachers like Brian Greene?
  • @ajoebo9095
    Greene as a teacher to a layman like me is breathtaking, phenomenal and rare to encounter. Almost if not entirely one of a kind. I say entirely because this gifted teacher just gave a lecture on a difficult subject to understand to a non-physicist and n0n-mathematician just like me: the conceptualization of Special Relativity. Nobody in my book has explained Special Reavity and what it means in practical terms the way Green has. Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The first book that ever properly made sense to me and got me hooked onto Physics is The Fabric of the Cosmos! Thank you Dr.Brian Greene. 😊
  • @sandbach7195
    I love falling to sleep with these ideas....its very relaxing.
  • @jadams3427
    What a gift Brian Greene has. He can explain this kind of thing in ways that mortals like me can perfectly understand ! Thank you Brian !
  • @novahina
    Only If I had more teachers like this. Your teachings are excellent. I have never ever had a physics class like this. My professors would always bully me with students.
  • Hi. Prof. Brian Greene. In the beginning, recently, I watch your program by chance. But now, I am hooked and become your staunch follower. Your lectures are very interesting and enjoyable even for someone who does not have any background in physics or cosmology. I feel you are giving lectures on cosmology like reading a poem. I love it, sir. I am watching from Thailand.
  • @MosesRabuka
    “When kids look up to great scientists the way they do to great musicians and actors, civilization will jump to the next level” ~ Brian Greene
  • @spiderrico7709
    I never went to high school. Theoretical physics, subtopics particals,, quantum theories attract my imagination n I'm so grateful these videos explain so much of the questions I've been asking myself for years.
  • I'm watching from South Africa, Durban. I am enjoying your lecture, I'm going to actively seek more of your work as you have a layman's way of explaining rather complex scientific concepts
  • I have read, I believe, every book that Dr. Greene has written. There is simply on one on the planet who can explain complex subject matter in a manner that even I can understand. Thank you, Professor Greene, for allowing me to see and appreciate the wonderful universe that we all inhabit.
  • Sir, you are one of the few persons who actually make one love physics. Thanks a lot sir.
  • Dear Processor Brain Greene, I love physics and I'm sure there are at least 1 lakhs students like me who love physics too but the way our teachers teach us is rubbish...they let us to see the beauty of marks, jobs, career etc. For the love of physics, i request you to please teach a full coarse on Electromagnetism and Quantum physics. It would take like an year of daily class to complete but please sir😭. I love you...Live Long
  • The visuals are incredible! I can listen to Brian Greene for hours but these visuals are really next level 👏
  • @kevincasson9848
    You have just witnessed a lecture on constant velocity motion and special reatuvity that will never be surpassed! Professor Brian Green has got, to be, the most brilliant and erudite educator on all aspects of physics, the universe, cosmos and quantum physics bar none, His enthusiasm, clarity and techniques of getting his message across is absolutey phenomenal! Thank heavens for teachers in his vain. They are very few and extremely far between... We love ya Brian!!!