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Published 2023-01-05
Join scientists as they grab light from across the universe to prove quantum entanglement is real.

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Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance,” but today quantum entanglement is poised to revolutionize technology from computers to cryptography. Physicists have gradually become convinced that the phenomenon—two subatomic particles that mirror changes in each other instantaneously over any distance—is real. But a few doubts remain. NOVA follows a ground-breaking experiment in the Canary Islands to use quasars at opposite ends of the universe to once and for all settle remaining questions.

(Premiered January 9, 2019)

00:00 Introduction
03:52 Is Quantum Entanglement Real?: Canary Islands Experiment
08:10 The Beginnings of Quantum Mechanics
15:26 Quantum Mechanics Explained by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen
22:39 Developments from Discovery of Quantum Theory
27:11 The First Quantum Entanglement Experiment
32:04 Quantum Computers Solving Real-World Problems
39:02 Loopholes of Quantum Entanglement
45:20 The Results of the Canary Islands Experiment
47:47 Quantum Entanglement in Modern Physics

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All Comments (21)
  • For my thesis project, I used genomics to physically clone a mouse gene. About 1-2 years afterwards, the mouse genome was sequenced. I realized that I had wasted time cloning this gene the hard way. I don't think quantum physicists should be too upset by being told that some of their work is a waste of time. We're all on the same team.
  • @matthew-jy5jp
    I don't miss a single pbs documentary. Whether it's American experience or secrets of the dead or Nova or front line. All of pbs is incredible. And people that don't know that, I feel sorry for them. PB S has been a part of my life since I was a little kid. And a truly is the best television on television
  • @Carolynsideas461
    The experiment with the two Quasars was the most fascinating thing I have ever seen. Gives me chills and excitement about the quantum world.
  • @jodalinkus5538
    Fascinating to witness phenomenal work done by physicists to actually minimize spatial concepts onto a computer screen for a pellucid of a nebula dynamic.
  • @njhoepner
    The bold thinking it took to even imagine the final experiment, using quasars as filter switches...and the technological ability to then execute it. I am beyond impressed.
  • @TheLochs
    I LOVE science and quantum physics just blows my mind. I wish I had advanced mathematical understanding to really appreciate it.
  • @kathyyoung1774
    Einstein once said, “I don’t want to BE right. I just want to know if I AM right.”
  • @laurapope3685
    This was a super awesome watch! I can't wait for the next one! Y'all do the best timing, always when I'm bored!
  • @jsnavely76
    I agree with Einstein that we don't know everything about Quantum Theory yet that makes the illogical effects of quantum entanglement make sense when we eventually figure out how it works.
  • @thegrahammer
    Thanks to Gordon & Betty Moore and John Templeton Foundations for their major financial support for NOVA. I can't wait to show this to my kids. Absolutely fascinating watch.
  • @trangha1147
    Ive watched some similar contents explaining/simplifying the concept of Quantum mechanics, and this one by far is the most easy to comprehend. Thanks Nova!
  • The main thing I remember for quantum computing is that they are VERY good at large problems that our classic computers cannot handle very well. However, they are not at all good at being a general purpose system. In many ways they are more like the off die floating point units of the i386. That said I have also read that to this point we have continually found that classic computers are able do things that we thought were only possible by quantum computers due to better algorithms.
  • The best thing about him every time they try to prove him wrong they prove him right. Priceless.
  • @glennkrieger
    It seems this documentary was released sometime in January 2023. But, it has to be at least 5 years old. The Q-bit count for the quantum computer used in this video is 72. However, the IBM Osprey, which is IBM's newest quantum computer, has a Q-bit count of 433 and was released in 2021. As knowledge doubles approximately every 12 hours, and is shrinking as we live each day, the updated PBS documentary on this subject would be even more mind blowing.
  • @prajnachan333
    I went to Robben Ford at Yoshi's Jazz Club in Oakland. I was hoping to hear his beautiful tone of his Les Paul on his records, but he came out on the Telecaster and never stopped. It was undoubtedly one of the most incredible and beautiful guitar playing displayed I've ever heard. Certainly deserves more than presented hear.
  • @forttottenrocks
    I love the idea that at the tiniest level, particles can be so much the same that even vast distance cannot separate identity, to the point where an action upon one effects the other equally. And that this is scientifically plausible. It opens the imagination.
  • @WhiskeyNixon
    That guy with the chalkboard outside, at the end of the show, he was basically telling us we very well may be in the Matrix. I mean, that was my takeaway. Cool outside chalkboard, btw.
  • @jaybutera5069
    Wonderful! Thanks Nova for making this amazing episode. These are some of the most difficult abstract concepts in all of science, yet somehow you made it understandable.
  • @ALT-vz3jn
    This documentary was produced in 2018. Since then there are other experiments published that prove Quantum entanglement, it’s worth a search.
  • The idea that there is this probability layer at the base of reality, is pretty crazy