I Reached 1000 LEVELS In Minecraft Hardcore

Published 2023-04-08
I Built Every XP Farm In Minecraft Hardcore

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Video Inspired By: ‪@ezyYT‬ ‪@aCookieGod‬

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This MINECRAFT HARDCORE SERIES is inspired by Wadzee, MumboJumbo, Grian, and Sandiction! Instead of being the Hermitcraft SMP, this series is similar to a MINECRAFT CHALLENGE video because it is HARDCORE MINECRAFT! aCookiegod also with his hardcore Minecraft videos This is similar to my 100 DAYS in MINECRAFT HARDCORE but better!

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  • @beachboye2193
    Just a little tip for people using the raid farm: use campfires in the chamber instead of paths. Never had a problem with vexes and the farm works just as efficiently.
  • @jukesdtj656
    The Enderman farm is in my opinion the perfect balance of ease of build and efficiency, and also is one that sits at the perfect point in the Minecraft progression for its effectiveness. There are better farms, obviously, but the Enderman farm serves every xp purpose you will ever need.
  • @zcarp8642
    15:20 All skulk variants can be obtained through silk touch
  • tip for the magma block placing for the zombie pigmen farm, wear frost walker boots so you don't constantly take damage from them, and unlike when walking on ice, you don't take durability damage while walking on the magma blocks
  • @JosaxJaz
    How tf did you squeeze 7 farms into 21 minutes jeez
  • For people that don’t have many resources, the farms I recommend are the blaze and spawned farms
  • @Kid_aep
    The hardest part of making the enderman farm : Choosing a name for endermite
  • @senzikulp
    „There is still XP going inside me“ bro knew what he’s saying 💀
  • Maybe you didn't know but to prevent damage from magma you could shift/ use frost Walker enchant,not only the fire resistance potion
  • @Yapp1ng
    5:13 dont mind me walking on ur face WHICH IS ACTUALLY PRETTY INSANE!
  • @jadxn3317
    It takes people 3 video parts for one farm and this man fit 7 into 1 video whilst making it entertaining
  • @byventrex7597
    A farm i can recommend is a guardian farm. Just built one for the first time and was flabberghasted how efficient it is. Been using it instead of an enderman farm ever since
  • 16:49: "And the final thing I need for this farm is a bunch of Magma blocks" Literally the next moment: Proceeds to let Magma blocks burn in lava
  • @SpotIsFat
    You know your rich when you ignore diamonds
  • @anidiot73
    The amount of times this man has come so close to death in a single video is unfathomable Edit: Yooo this is the most amount of likes I have ever got
  • the last farm made me remember this one server i was once in (it was closed like 2 years ago) that had some op armor sets, there was one in particular that made you gain xp from regular blocks, then there was a special pickaxe enchantment that made you mine chunks of blocks at a time, using that combo i could easily get myself thousands (literally) of levels in minutes, i remember i once got like 10k levels in like 7 minutes of being in the nether
  • @DirectiveTS
    I like how confident he is while falling and about to die