83 Minecraft Experiments!

Published 2024-04-20
Can one thousand bees kill a warden? Or what will happen if you light this portal? Here are 83 of the GREATEST Minecraft experiments

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  • @PrismBlock
    hope you enjoy the video! you clicked read more.... now you have to subscribe :)
  • @indigofoods9749
    Whats the strongest mob in minecraft? Warden ❌️ Bees ✅️
  • Myth 66 is literally the most uncomfortable thing to watch but satisfying to watch same time💀💀💀
  • @kdlately75
    From boone: title: 83 Minecraft experiments! / me: "founds out I got to 99
  • @artabbid26
    instead of 83 experiments, it become 123 experiments, what the twist.
  • @kalierangel5264
    It’s basically “83 Minecraft ways to make things better and more satisfying”
  • @RoninQuinn
    People killing the warden: nah Bees killing the warden, sure
  • Tip: if you wanna replace a blok with the block you are holding just click the both mouse buttons
  • Forgot the Ender Crystal-TNT-Machine gun that works with the summon TNT and summon ender crystal command. I actually thought i had invented this but then i found it at reddit 4 years ago XD
  • @Diamond-Edvin
    Piston:im dead End portal:hehehee Me in creative:lol
  • @JNR_C62
    Turtle eggs are just calling us caseoh💀💀💀
  • @Samplaygd
    This is not 83 experiments in Minecraft THIS IS 100+ !
  • @damonwuwu4688
    I wish the crossbows had high fire rate without enchanting 😢😢😢
  • @RoreZKJ15
    4:30 fun fact:Mojang still has still didn't add a animation about the torch expect for fire things