The Worst YouTuber Injuries

Published 2024-04-21
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All Comments (21)
  • @ToxicMrSmith
    Just to clarify the Kentucky ballistic incident at the end of the video. Scott was shooting old ammunition known as "SLAP rounds" the last one of the day was overloaded significantly and caused an excess of pressure exceeding the ratings of the gun. Not caused by a lack of maintenance by him or a defect in the weapon. He is a former State Trooper and has many years of firearms experience and a great channel to watch even if you live outside the US like me.
  • @GizmoSeven
    You should interview the .50 cal guy. The story of the ride to the hospital and the immediate actions that were taken by him and his father are very teachable.
  • Scott's incident deserves an entire episode or podcast on its own. Absolutely insane story and nothing short of a miracle he survived. And the more insane part is that his dad was basically the one who saved his life by driving him to the hospital.
  • @AmethystShard82
    I'm so thankful that Scott (.50 Cal guy) is alright. I've been watching him since a little before his injury, and I'm so glad he's still with us. Honestly Dr. Mike should interview him. Scott could teach a lot of people what to do in similar situations
  • Scott from Kentucky Ballistics (the .50 cal incident) just celebrated THREE YEARS post accident. We are soooooo thankful he survived this injury and he continues educating and entertaining us on YouTube. You should have him on your podcast some day.
  • @user-dh6bj2me5p
    I worked in ER Trauma for 23 years. I don't miss it. People can and will do really stupid things.
  • Kentucky Ballistics was inspired by his gun failure to start a series where he intentionally explodes guns with overpowered ammunition and test dummies to see what would happen to the person wielding the weapon. I think you could get some great content and enjoyment out of it! It's really cool and informative! :) (He even did one of those episodes with the Slow-Mo Guys and I gotta say that was the coolest explosion I have ever seen.)
  • @Registered_Simp
    14:54 Scot was shooting SLAP rounds (Saboted Light Armor Penetrator) out of his .50 long-gun. What he didn't know that day was that the rounds which he thought were genuine military surplus were actually loaded WAY too hot (too much powder). The round had so much powder that it tore the threads off the end cap, and tore the locking wings behind it off as well. Complete freak accident.
  • @Y2KNW
    Kentucky Ballistics' accident was bad, but the way all his friends showed up to make content for him, while lovingly poking fun at him, was some really nice stuff to watch. And the fact he's not only recovered but is comfortable making fun of himself makes him even more likeable.
  • My whole body recoiled at the part where he jumped through the window and cut his leg. All I could think was “HOLY FEMORAL ARTERY!!!” I don’t think he realized how close to death he was with that stunt. Critical thinking skills, people! Use ‘em!
  • @martymohawk8360
    The Kentucky Ballistics injury is easily one of the scariest and most incredible survival stories from a YouTuber.
  • @tavboo
    an interview with Scott from Kentucky Ballistics and the guys from Ballistic High Speed would be AWESOME, these guys (Ballistic High Speed) VERY RECENTLY had a catastrophic failure and got it on slow mo, the guy whos had it its miraculously alive. both channels have amazing stories to tell and i just read something about Scott that I agree a lot with, "the immediate actions that were taken by him and his father are very teachable"
  • @jsteacy1
    As a few people have said, you should reach out to Scott from Kentucky ballistics. I'm sure he would happily discuss everything from the accident. And teach you a thing or two about firearms and the common injuries with them other than being shot.
  • @Trucidare
    Dang, that last clip is INSANE. Imagine almost losing your life because of a tampered round
  • @ekill1395
    I’d love to see a longer video of you reacting to Scott’s (Kentucky Ballistics) video on the .50 cal explosion. The story is absolutely insane, and it’s truly a miracle and just because of his quick thinking/acting that he survived. I’d love to see you talk more in depth about all of his injuries!
  • @horsesandbruins
    Scott from Kentucky Ballistics, he is such a cool guy, and his full medical story is super cool. Definitely have him on the channel! He actually makes another video where they (safely) re-create the .50 cal explosion, and they fully explain and show that he did nothing wrong and the firearm was not defective, that particular slap round was EXTREMELY hot (too much powder). It’s a great follow up video.
  • @corkscrewfork
    That guy at the end with the .50 cal is the only injury I've ever seen on YouTube that made me recoil out of my chair. Holy hell, that sounds like everything that could possibly go wrong, did. I genuinely wish that dude a long, healthy, happy life. Not many people walk away from something like that.
  • @-Nixie_Nya-
    Just wanna put this out here, Scott from Kentucky Ballistics has completely healed from his incident, keep in mind it’s been about two years or so since
  • @ActuallyEric
    You need to interview Scott from Kentucky Ballistics about his RN50 exploding. It turns out the ammo he was using was not mixed properly (he actually re-created the incident firing off his remaining SLAP rounds and a specially overcharged round to ensure gun failure in a separate video) I think an interview with him would make for an extremely interesting, informative, and educational video
  • I love Scott it's heart warming that just yesterday he shot a 50 cal. Handgun his fear is his past and he still pursuing his dreams