Doctor Reacts To Rough Soccer Injuries

Published 2023-09-13
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All Comments (21)
  • @solidsnake274
    Needs a part 2 cause these are far from being the worst injuries. Broken legs, broken feet, concusions, broken heads. NEED MORE
  • @dondiddy7529
    The fact that Erikson is still playing at the highest level of football after what he went through is a testament to the doctors who saved him and his character and strength to fight on.
  • I love mike because he knows a lot of soccer and medical issues and for me that’s the video I would watch. Keep it up
  • @GaryDunion
    As a Celtic fan, Henrik Larsson's leg break in 1999 is the injury that's seared on my brain. Absolutely horrific. But the fact that he made a full recovery and came back even better than before only added to his legend.
  • Thank you for validating football injuries. So many times people in the US say "flopper" and think the player is exaggerating. They have no concept of how painful and dangerous these small collisions can be.
  • @zivadavid4680
    Loved this video! I’ve been a huge fan of soccer for a few years, but I’m also a medical coding major. Watching Mike’s videos has been a nice learning and reviewing tool for me while also bringing some entertainment! ❤️
  • @WhayneGames
    That last one hit close to home. I got hit in the eye playing basketball on a cruise ship and my eye got stratched open. It was incredibly painful to open my eye and any kind of light made it worse. The doctor gave me some kind of eye drops and I eventually recovered with 20/20 vision.
  • @jojoendersen
    I'm a med student (almost doc in Germany) and I literally cover half my screen with my hand during videos like this, in fear that there will be a clean bone snap or something similar 😅
  • @luziel3071
    Sudden heart failure happens so much in soccer it’s terrifying. A german sports show did a documentary on and it was really insightful. They had a doctor on that was one of the people giving courses to the medics for the 2020 Euro and he said they did exactly what they were taught. They also showed how some clubs have started paying much more attention to players heart health in recent years which was really great to see
    such an informative video. thank you doctor... currently have a gastrocnemius injury which resulted in a drop foot.👌
  • Christian Eriksen is still a legend here at Man United for me. He's not used as often as Casemiro and other midfielders in the squad currently, but he is certainly there for the club in rough times last year and was a key player to Man United so they could be in the Champions League this year. Big up to him.
  • I'm not even a football fan, but I still clearly remember the incident with Eriksen. The entirety of Denmark were in shock. Like the whole country was holding its breath, to find out if he was gonna be ok. I am so relieved he was able to recover and play for Manchester!
  • @Friedericus
    That Eriksen incident still makes me nervous until today. Watched it live and was just really in shock tbh, the reactions of the teammates standing around him really showed the heaviness of the situation
  • @Zeholly
    Being French and a football fan and knowing Doctor Mike loves the French team and legends like Zidane and Thierry Henry is wonderful ❤
  • @chlmtslove
    Im learning a lot from your videos! ❤️
  • @danieldow6
    Bro I loved this video I am definitely going to buy your mearch. I just love how you’re teaching us about the human body.I’m actually going to go to bed right now. But I don’t know if I’m going to fall asleep. But yeah I hope you have a wonderful evening and yeah that’s basically it
  • @NecroFlex
    One of the rare moments caught on tape where Neymar had an actual injury. You can tell by him not rolling around like a tire after the hit.