The Ultimate High Tech Luxury Electric Car!

Published 2023-05-23
BMW i7 is absolutely loaded, and I'd take it over any other ultra luxury electric sedan.

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

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  • zollotech
    Drove one at CES and looked again recently. Incredible car, but I just don’t like the front grill.
  • Bugs
    The i7 seems like a great car despite it being heinously ugly.
  • Alex Curtis
    I have a new BMW with the gesture controls like you demonstrated for volume control. It sounds gimmicky, but it is a feature I actually really like. There is a learning curve, but once you learn it, it is actually really easy way to control the radio without ever looking off the road. Most people try to put their fingers too close to the screen (like MKBHD did), but the "sweet spot" is actually just above the center console (where your hand would naturally be). If you are resting on the armrest, you barely need to lift a finger to control the volume or skip tracks and stuff.
    It is something I find myself doing in our other car and it always takes a few seconds of it not working to remind me that I can't do that. That's how much you grow to rely on it. I feel like everyone always laughs about it, but its actually a really cool feature.
  • Nitesh Maharaj
    I think most people's biggest gripes with almost all new cars are the capacitive buttons, which are prone to accidental touches and having to look at it, instead of just feeling. The UX is always compromised, and I think the removable tablet would work better as a remote control device.
  • Taseen hossain
    Imagine trying to adjust the AC and opening the door on the highway 😅
  • Raj Praveen
    We would love if you could also do a personal drive-on test for each and every car you review, Marques.. A personal drive experience who has already driven many electric cars adds to the video..face-red-heart-shape
  • Joel Cano
    I wonder how will these kind of cars behave in terms of repairability in the future when stuff begins to break apart
  • Jason Spradlin
    I still think Cadilac dropped the ball by not starting their EV path with the Escalade. This looks incredible inside, but I agree, that front grill is hideous.
  • drabbster
    yeah, it's really hard not getting amazed by all the crazy interior of this car but BMW really has to get a new design-language cuz the beaver is strong with these.
  • So glad you finally did a somewhat full review on this car. I was waiting to get your perspective. As a previous Tesla Model S owner and now owning one of these i7s, i wondered what your take was. Driving this in sport mode gives me just enough agility to make it responsive and fun to drive. The all wheel steering makes this large Cadillac escalade sized sedan feel small and easy to handle. Parking assist is amazing, which you didnt speak about and the Driving Assistance Professional with highway handsfree driving at up to 85 miles an hour is a game changer and actually something Tesla isnt doing yet. No wheel taps needed to keep it engaged.
  • keeprunnin
    really love this car and the design grew on me over time. Different colors make a huge difference in the appearance
  • Gordon Mao
    Definitely agree with voice assistant review: it is by far the best most accurate voice recognition I have ever used, arguably better than Google. I have the X7 which has a similar system. Only time it makes mistakes is when the windows are open due to back ground noise. Itrecognized weird street names and even ethnic names from my phone list. Miles better than my wife's XC90 which has a voice system that is incredibly frustrating to use
  • You Tube
    Designers: How many parts of this car do you want to electrically fail?
    BMW: YES
  • Nagashree MN
    I have two questions:
    1. What about rear mirror/ inside mirror view for the driver when TV is being used?
    2. What if the back seat person accidentally press leaning back mode and how does it react when a person is already sitting in the front?
  • StflBlz
    Capacative buttons are legit a dealbreaker. I got the iX3 which has the older BMW interior and that is the perfect sweet spot for me with tech/usability. Physical buttons and knobs for volume/heating. A screen can never, or rather should never replace tactile input imo.
  • Ano Niem
    I actually like the front. It is classy (just like a RR) unique (dual and Crystal lights), well build and there is a lot happening within the space of a rain drop.
  • MiscCarVids
    I really like the i7. I like that BMW just made it a 7 series that happens to be electric instead of a completely different like S class and EQS and having the EV version be the arguably worse car. It's still ugly but not as ugly as the EQS and is a better overall car, no brainer imo.
  • Jivy
    I think the back looks really nice. Ive never had a problem with the grills but idk what they were going for with those headlights
  • Jakob
    I actually like this car quite a lot and with the right specs and color, it actually can look quite nice.
  • Void
    Surprisingly, I don't find it ugly. The only bad thing though is the capacitive touch controls. I'd much much prefer physical knobs and buttons