The BMW iX is Only Guilty of 1 Sin!

Published 2023-03-17

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  • zollotech
    Yeah. Knew the biggest sin before watching. Tough to love that front grill If they could just get rid of whoever is approving this or gently redirect them this would be an incredible vehicle.
  • Peter Conley
    I’m sure every car salesman loves it when a manufacturer’s marketing team says, “don’t worry, it’ll grow on them” 😂
  • Brad Holc
    They designed it like an SUV but it feels so much like a minivan to me. Maybe its the angles but the cockpit and the back give heavy minivan vibes
  • 6minus3minus2
    The design feels like what would happen if someone who wanted a sleek, futuristic car and someone who really dug those early 90s glass and metal tables fought.
  • Pictoru
    That disgusted look on Marques's face at 9:27 when he slams the cheapest sounding doors in the world...absolitely priceless.
  • Lucien Jacomb
    So I got mine a few months ago and I'm in the UK so there are some slight differences.
    1. Yes the front looks like bunny teeth till you know that it's self healing material and protects the sensors and driver aids which is pretty awesome.
    2. My kids use the gesture gimmick to change the songs and increase the volume all the time 😂
    3. I do not like BMW but every time I get into my car it's like being in a warm blanket on a cold winter's day. Really amazing feeling.
    4. The absolute worst part I have with this car is managing the aircon, why do you need to open some rubbish app to increase or decrease heat...
    My kids love it, wife loves it, grandson loves it so I love it.
    My personal issue with it is the range. On paper I'm meant to get 215m but am only getting 180 at a push.
    Again, I'm not a fan or BMW at all and my choice after a number of test drives was either BMW or the MACH-E and am happy with my choice of the BMW IX
    Hope this helps anyone looking to buy the car
  • William T
    The plastic grill is the biggest flaw for me.
  • Reflect
    For one pedal driving you move the gear shift down once more while in drive and it will be in the "B" mode, that will allow one pedal driving

    Edit: you can turn it on or off while driving
  • Mat
    Hand gestures to adjust settings would be a game changer in a Tesla that does not have buttons. Especially useful when driving. Would love to see this type of update for cars that have the inside camera.
  • Mike Lirette
    Grabbing a portion of the speaker grille fabric as part of the interior door handle is an interesting design choice. I'm curious how it would look after a couple of months of lotioned hands or bits of hand sanitizer will affect that material.
  • Brandon Peterson
    All you have to do click down in the drive selection switch to enter B mode and it will allow you down to zero quite quickly. Then toggle it down again to go back into D and coast. It auto brakes to cars in front of you in D mode so sometimes you think you're in one pedal mode but it's really not. If you want it to come to a complete stop then you need to be in B mode.
  • Jake Coltrane
    My theory has always been that if it's ugly, but it starts to grow on you, then you're probably looking at the very beginning of a new design trend that's on the cusp of catching on in the mainstream.
  • Joseph Peters
    Touch buttons that you have to actually look down at in a car are crazy. Wild that they are even allowed legally to do that.
  • Josiah
    The capacitive touch and delay make it feel very unintuitive and i think that would bother me to most out of the car being that you have to interact with it everyday. I love tactile feedback
  • FlippyForeman
    Gotta say i really love this channel. Cant afford anything showcased, but its fun to watch
  • joy kashem
    the kidney is made of selfrepairing material it’s not just plastic 😊
    for the one pedal feeling you looking for you have to pull the gear shift twice so you switch from „D“ drive mode to „B“ break mode
    it’s not the camera which captures the gesture control it’s a infrared sensor in that module
  • KGB '
    His biggest compliment on the looks was that the headlights were bright 💀
  • Carlos Vicencio
    Weird/ugly design but i think this car will grow on you. I feel the motion controls (for volume and next track) are more for the passengers in the back. Lets say you are driving paying attention (as you should) and your kid/person in the back wants to change the song, they can do so without bugging you. I like some of the features others not so much, i do hope that the good features do get adopted into other cars
  • Jared Hocutt
    For the one pedal driving, you have to put it in "B" mode which is done by pulling the shifter back again after pulling it once to put it in "D" (drive mode).
  • Teagan drury
    Always love the vids, could you please start including in every episode clips of the car at night? Cuz sometimes they can look rlly cool and the interiors too especially with all the ambient lighting in these Evs it just makes it nice and easy to see