What NASA Discovered When They Landed On A Comet [4K] | Trajectory | Spark

Published 2022-09-25

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  • Red River
    As usual.... Spark has put out a fantastic video. So well done.
  • Geoffrey Wanjala
    Space endeavors are almost impossible, challenging but worth trying
  • j c
    Did we really need an entire history of rocket science??
  • Randy Barnes
    Wow! I was amazed at the drag race between the X-15 and that Helicopter. That chopper was popping a wheelie and beating the X-15.
  • ChaoticOrcPaladin
    Skip to 13:30 to avoid filler. Also, ESA did the mission, not NASA. Neat vid otherwise.
  • Mike Hartman
    It was a good video, but it actually did not say what was discovered plus, it was not a NASA mission. It was a ESA mission. Still thumbed it up.
  • erreip
    Neat video.
    Title is a bit misleading though.
    Still loved it.
  • Tom G
    Esa is great...many know ..this is for 9 th graders...keep it simple.,.( I think NASA did the communications ) it is great to have competitors , comrades and progress. Somebody paid 51 % of the cost...many many people and places helped. Cooperation alone is progress
  • Gerald Depas
    I'm assuming the weight may have something to do with but yet it found a resting point
  • Christine Still
    Yes, landed then BOUNCED to a part of the comet which was shaded so data could only be sent for a limited time. Such a small thing in such an expensive mission!
  • franc rivera
    also true ! but NASA is the home base !!! my best and take care !!!!
  • 7:40 For those who haven't realized that Liam Neeson is a Soviet Sleeper Mole. Here he is at 21 years of age. Comrade Neesonski.
  • Yunus Jhon
    Comet is in process being formed into a planet.
  • Garrett
    Most important thing learned from this video – don't click on any more videos by Spark.
  • Paul Sickles
    You're telling me that the atmosphere has more trash in that we need a "trash monitor " just to launch into space. We as a species is filthier than the pigs we eat.
    PJS 2022
  • Alberto Solano
    Halfway through the video realizing they took the long way around to the answer for their video title
  • john bannister
    A softly spoken voice-over detracts from the appreciation of the content. Producers of these items should objectively assess the reception of their products
  • PyroNymph -
    13 minutes of unnecessary space history before getting to the actual content "EESA findings landing on a comet".