I Built 100 Wells In Africa

Published 2023-11-04
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All Comments (21)
  • @EvanEraTV
    The internet definitely made the right person famous. Doing what local governments are too corrupt and inept to do. Keep crushing it Jimmy
  • @TrapNation
    Mr.Beast, you forever have my respect.
  • @73outback
    You have done way more for humanity than any of these so called celebrities. You are amazing, thank you.
  • @rickjay2011
    He's done what governments won't do. Incredible.
  • @zoepeters3453
    He did something many organizations promised to do for years within 8 months. This man deserves so much respect and acknowledge.
  • Your kindness doesn't even have a limit But it's pointless to insult the man who helped your people.
  • @JackieZYT
    bros casually saving the world 😭❤
  • This is how you use influence, money, celebrity, and a solid following to REALLY help the world. Thank you for all that you do!
  • গরিব,অসহায়, অনাবৃত্ত, খেটে খাওয়া সাধারণ মানুষের পাশে আপনাকে দেখি খুব ভালো লাগে। প্রাকৃতিক সৌন্দর্যের ভরপুরে নিজেকে উজাড় করে দেন। প্রকৃতির ভারসাম্য বাঁচিয়ে রাখার চেষ্টা করেন খুব ভালো লাগে। আপনি অনেক দূরে এগিয়ে যান। আমি ভারতবর্ষ থেকে বলছি আপনার সাথে দেখা করার খুব ইচ্ছা সে স্বপ্ন পূরণ হবে কি জানিনা।
  • I wish you can serve people. Wish you all the best. I am a very ordinary boy from Bangladesh but I love you so much 🇧🇩
  • It's awesome to see Mr. Beast helping people. You are incredible, Jimmy!
  • @DanSurprise
    Greatest YouTuber? Nah...Greatest human being!
  • @iraq999
    انت انسان رائع وتستحق كل احترام 🙏🇮🇶
  • @JacobCoolKid
    As I am a African person I’m very grateful for what you did
  • @Jhereckk
    In most cases, you could say someone is literally changing lives, but this man is LITERALLY changing lives. Bro is literally a hero
  • ليت كل الاغنياء يفكرون مثلك نشكرك على هذا العمل الرائع هداك الله لدخول الاسلام