I Built 100 Houses And Gave Them Away!

Published 2024-06-29
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All Comments (20)
  • @Annaaauerbach
    It’s incredible to see such kindness and love. Thank you all!
  • @Karolis566
    Mr Beast is a good person that's why I respect him!
  • @StellarGaming07
    He was one of the guys who said "if I become I millionaire I'll help people"... But actually did it. Thank you.
  • Planting 30 million trees... removing 30 mil pounds of trash from the ocean.. giving charity...and even the houses are free..he's a true hero
  • @user-iu9uk5yc7n
    Im glad you are helping the people who doesnt have a good shelter and make their life easier in jamaica
  • @user-fe4gd2es3p
  • @calidan777
    Imagine if Billionaires cared about other people the way Jimmy does, the world would be a much better place
  • Que hermoso que exista una persona así, sobre todo por lo difícil que puede ser para la comunidad latina conseguir un techo para vivir. MUCHAS GRACIAS POR TODO <3
  • @Silverado2_0
    One of the few people that became a millionaire and actually kept their word and help people.
  • @Jonathanedward16
    In the middle of the video u said a sentence that "every one on the earth deserves a safe roof over their heads" it literally touched me