World's Brightest Flashlight | OT38

Published 2023-03-18
Overtime returns with the WORLD'S BRIGHTEST FLASHLIGHT, an EPIC Harry Potter Fight Scene, and Ty's Top Ten video games of all time!!!

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All Comments (21)
  • @ab_creation95
    It was actually wholesome seeing Coby talk to the fans on the phone. He was so nice to them 😂
  • @kayleenadowdle971
    Suggestion for top ten: Everyone comes up with their own list and come together to fight it out.
    I’m always curious what the other guys would pick.
  • Ty saying “This is Sick” while wearing the bear jacket is such a mood lol
  • 2:58 Overtime 1: Cody did the world’s smallest Violin
    Overtime 4: Garrett did the world’s londest whistle
    Overtime 5: Coby did the world’s strongest laser
    Overtime 27: Tyler did the world’s hottest Sauce
    Overtime 33: Mark Rober did the world’s longest T-Shirt Cannon
    Overtime 38: Cory did the world’s brightest Flashlight
  • @deadinside9696
    Ty has angered about 9000 different fans of franchises with one single segment I would not be surprised if 1000 angry fans appear outside of his house screaming at him for his choices on these top 10s
  • @lewissmith8606
    The guys need to do another top 10 video games but keep ty tied up so he can't ruin it, there was so many amazing games that were missed
  • @minim00ney72
    I gotta say dude perfect has to be one of the most organized groups on YouTube. They’re able to do so many different skits and make them all perfect all while being entertaining is crazy
  • @joshdraper
    Y’all should do an overtime with every single segment you guys have done
  • @dylanbass8451
    12:26 That's awesome that Coby brought that caller in to help end that segment, this whole thing was kinda cute.
  • @ethaneyberg6637
    I keep saying that Ty’s top ten can’t get worse and I am continually surprised
  • @landenk.9723
    Garetts acting for that Avada Kedavra is unrivaled. It was EXACTLY like Voldemort.
  • @katiemay7043
    I would absolutely love to see a full length fight scene
  • @zaararules11
    8:27 Best part “Gotta get out of the way so I it dun’t hit you” “You guys don’t even speak Chinese!”
  • @DPCody
    The look of Coby when he sees the light 😂
  • @mwilliams232
    If any Dude Perfect member had to post their phone number, I’m glad it was Coby. I’m sure it was a long 24 hours for him, but he was so genuinely nice and friendly interacting with everyone!