Amazing Invention- This Drone Will Change Everything

Published 2023-03-18
These folks engineering a much better way to deliver your basically anything. If you want to engineer your own creations with me every month, just head to where you can get 2 boxes FREE!

Again, this was not sponsored in anyway nor did they pay for any of my travel or accommodations but if you want to learn more about Zipline here is their website-

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Thanks to these folks for providing some of the music in the video:

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  • @MarkRober
    Nothing gets my blood pumping more than a clever engineering solution. If you want to develop the brain muscles to build your own clever engineering solutions every month with me, head to where you can get 2 boxes FREE.
  • @DanielFernandez
    What a phenomenal company, and as always, amazing story. Thanks Mark!
  • @goth207
    Can we just agree that Mark needs to be protected at all costs. He’s such a great personality and fun teacher.
  • @ahsin.shabbir
    I was skeptical at first, having flashbacks to the ugly loud failed amazon drone delivery, but wow, Zipline is an incredibly innovative company! I am especially impressed by the propeller design which is capable of generating enough thrust while simultaneously being whisper quiet. That propeller looks beyond sci-fi, it is alien looking in appearance, like it was made by an intelligence beyond ours. Absolutely stunning.
  • @adij1291
    I interviewed with these guys 5 years ago when they were just being labelled as a unicorn company. I didnt make the cut but can confirm the team down there was and is (the ones who are still there) top-notch engineers 🛩. I really liked their approach to doing business internationally and creating jobs/ownership with the communities they were operating in. Great video. Everyone should know about their work!
  • @brendanhogan35
    As an engineer that has been out of the development for far too long, this is inspiring. Thanks for sharing Mark.
  • @GriegMoura
    Mark, this is the first time I've watched a video of yours. I would like to congratulate you on the excellent content. It's really incredible what ZipLine does
  • @RealEngineering
    Cool to see you talking about Zipline. We made a video about them years ago when they just had 1 depot in Rwanda. I knew they would be the future. Incredible company
  • @liulso
    Cara! Amei seus vídeos e esses brinquedos incríveis que você criou! Sucesso para você e sua equipe toda! Parabéns!
  • @markmallory2528
    I seriously marvel at what can be positively learned thru people who post great videos that both inspire and give an individual an opportunity to pursue their dreams. Kudos to those individuals, kudos to you Mark. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • @thebombcat
    You always have the most heartfelt, entertaining videos, Mark. Keep it up.
  • @GWTV
    Что обидно, что многие годы люди больше вкладывали в боевых дронов, а тут, это же просто шикарно
    Сколько жизней спасёт
  • @kissgergo5202
    I'd love to see you make more videos per year about innovative things like this! Your videos get millions of views and I bet there's a portion of viewer who are inspired and motivated by seeing what you showcase here.
  • @MangoVid
    Mark's new videos always bring interesting scientific and technical information
  • @blayton5995
    What a great story, Mark! I shared this with my middle school math students and they were fascinated by it. Maybe you could do a story on the engineering behind the One World Futbol and go back to Rwanda with them. My whole family loves your videos. Thanks!
  • @JoseLuis-tk8jk
    Muchas gracias, actualmente estoy en el 5nto año de ingeniería eléctrica, y ha sido un camino tan difícil que incluso había perdido el amor por la ingeniería, incluso había llegado a pensar "para que estoy estudiando esto". Pero después de ver esto quiero seguir y esforzarme aun mas para algún día llegar a aportar mi grano de arena a la humanidad. P.D.: Gracias a Abdul ahora se que debo de esforzarme mas.
  • @brianroberts815
    Takes quite a bit to impress me
    I'm super impressed with this entire operation.
    Wondering if the launch/landing point is also a medical warehouse or they store blood?
    A 15-20 minute delivery after ordering. Wow!!!
    The City DelivDrones are overwhelmingly awesome!!!
    KUDOS to the inventor and development team.
  • @thesocialpedia
    Que incrível essa invenção que já está salvando vidas. Obrigado @MarkRober por ter compartilhado esse vídeo! 😍
  • As a Rwandan, I am thrilled to see the progress my country is making through technology, and the impact that innovative companies like Zipline are having in developing countries. The revolutionary work of Zipline in providing medical supplies via drone technology is changing lives and improving access to healthcare in rural areas. I am grateful to see this highlighted in a video by Mark Rober, and I appreciate the attention it brings to the positive advancements happening in Rwanda.