35 Hidden Smartphone Tricks.

Published 2022-04-23

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    I tried really hard to make this the best Smartphone Tricks video on the internet - if you found it useful then send it to someone who doesn't know their phone well enough!
    To find out if TikTok Life Hacks are a scam: https://youtu.be/iDdN5cOFB1g
    To see if a 2022 Midrange smartphone can beat 2020 Flagship: https://youtu.be/XzKbTtFhJ8M
  • ✨Iconic✨
    Hey Arun, you don’t have to read this whole thing. Just know that you’re my favourite tech creator because you can get us the right information in a fun and creative way. Hope you get to 15 million 💫
  • Koenigsegg4life
    Hey Arun, about number 7 (remember where your car is parked).. most people use google maps for navigation and instead of installing a whole different app just for your cars location you can just use the feature ‘save parking location’ while you’re next to your car before you leave and it will save that exact location in google maps. I learnt a lot about my device today, thankyou!
  • Grayson Floyd
    I love how Arun's videos got no bs, are always on point and always got creative and fun ways to spread information
  • Mike Marlboro
    Arun, thank you for hours of entertaining knowledge. My daughter and myself are united in excitement of seeing your new videos. Even though we are 40 years apart it gives us something to discuss, and this is truly precious. After finding out that you did collaboration with her favorite YouTube personality Mr. Beast she became an instant fun of your channel. Thank you
  • TimeSquared
    Another really useful trick that I found:
    If you are using a phone with a bad camera or one that doesn't have great dynamic range (ex: Redmi 9A, the phone I have), you can instead of taking a regular photo, you can instead take a night mode photo which helps the dynamic range a lot. Unfortunately night mode photos on lower end phones take a while to capture and even longer to process, so if you're trying to capture something that lasts for like a few seconds or something then use normal photos, but for something that's going to last for at least like 5 seconds+ it's better to use a night mode shot because it will also help with quality
  • Team shine
    The time and efforts you had put into this work that is beyond excellence. Take my cordial thanks! You are really an efficient, organized and result-oriented man EagleSpy Thank you for all the extra hours and extra effort you had to put on for getting this job done. I appreciate every bit of your effort. Thank you for pulling this off so smoothly trust the Process
  • Spyder
    I actually learnt something new about my device today wow.
  • Chroma
    For #7, I use Apple Maps. If you long press on your current spot after parking, it will drop a generic custom pin that you can rename and navigate back to later. Not sure if Google Maps does this too, but I'd be really surprised if it didn't in some way.
  • TBUK
    For this tip, just remember to store the backup codes the app gives you in a secure location where you can find them later. The last thing you want is for you to lose or break your phone, and then be locked out of all your accounts forever.

    I would recommend either keeping backup codes in a local, password-locked file on a computer somewhere, or in a notebook you have hidden in your house.
  • Arukki
    Can't get through a single video from Arun without getting Rickrolled
  • Bakedbeans
    I can't really describe how much I love this channel. It's not just entertaining but it feels like Arun is talking to everyone personally and not just as a whole audience. Please keep up the great vids!
  • Ritesh Marwah
    Hey Arun, this video is just a classic illustration of how a simple thumbnail might dictate the viewership stats. Considering someone who's followed your growth on this channel for the last 5 years - I hope this is humble feedback you can use for your next videos. As always you are a rockstar!!
  • Life-This
    Hey Arun, I actually live in the UK rn all the stuff you do and ay in ur vids is great. A lot of stuff I have brought e.g Macbook, Iphone have been at least kind of influenced by ur vids. Great job mate.
  • 1Dshot
    A few of these seem interesting, but would be interested in hearing a more in depth walkthrough of them
  • The Omniverse
    It is insane how much Arun’s content has improved. I’ve been watching you since 2018, and even then your content was probably some of the best tech content. But now, you’ve entered a league of your own.
  • Reagan Huang
    Congratulations for the new phone shelf, Arun!

    It is absolutely beautiful. You are right to find DIY PERKS to work for that design.
    Hey Arun, once again an awesomazingly useful video. Loved it as always. You're the best tech youtuber ever that I'm so damn fond of.. Keep rocking brother.. ❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻
  • Arun: "You all have a smartphone."

    Me who watches on Nokia: "Checkmate."
  • Mecolay Posting
    watching this on a computer, without a smartphone feels like such a crime, i love it