24 HOTTEST Inventions that will change your Life.

Published 2021-08-08
24 of the HOTTEST inventions of all time, with each one hotter than the last 🔥
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All Comments (21)
  • Katherine
    If Arun ever has to write a resume he could simply start with "sponsored by Android" and get instantly hired everywhere.
  • Mejda
    When you're such a good YouTuber that android sponsors you, absolute legend
  • Lilly Alves
    You know you’ve made it when a brand as big as ANDROID sponsors you. Congrats Arun!!!!
  • Archer
    Love love love the phantom chess, definitely going to have to look into that one! The ghost pacer sounds pretty awesome as well especially for those days your not feeling 100% but still want to train.
  • You're my fav tech reviewer Arun, really like your non traditional variety videos, usually packed with heaps of info. Appreciate the research and effort you put in.. kudos !!
  • logan bursick
    This man made everything seem so simpler when it really ain’t id want him as my teacher in a class for sure , kept me focused thru the whole thing as well😂💯
  • PowerTrain
    When android directly sponsors you, you know you are very special and loved
  • Michael O
    The bio gas thing is pretty silly considering most landfills, at least here in the US near any major city are already doing some sort of methane extraction from the waste. On that scale its much cheaper and efficient. Between the energy this thing uses for the compressor and the materials needed to build it, you are very likely not going to break even hydrocarbon wise for decades and I doubt the rubber will even last that long in the sun year over year. More concerning is you are also essentially making a bomb if any amount of oxygen is allowed in to mix with the methane.
  • OffensiveImp
    I remember Air up to be featured in the German version of shark tank and just saw it today in a grocery store. At this point this might be a sign to try it out.

    I have been drinking apple juice mixed with sparkling water at the moment. One of the reasons is because it's more healthy than pure juice. Other than it is very refreshing but I know that the concept of a "Schorle" which means juice with sparkling water is more of a German thing.
  • Alex G
    This man always finds out how to rickroll us in every video
  • Chocolate king
    “Why would a blind person have glasses?” had me dead 💀🤣
  • acutelychronic
    i can feel technology starting to become pretty crazy in recent years. we're living in the future
  • Mr.Mercury
    Arun : Why I moved to iPhone .

    Android: okay we’ll sponsor him anyway.
  • louis
    I love the way he just throws some extremely expensive stuff.
  • Tug Douglas
    There's alot of content like this out there, but I find you to be both engaging and entertaining. 10/10 for you sir.
  • JCM EvolvE
    this dude is the Gordon Ramsay of tech💯
  • Nithin
    the bike one is actually amazing because once you do physically demanding exercise the reality kind of blurs and it becomes really immersive
  • Derek Deaton
    That Ghost pacer is genius. I remember how good I got on the older Mario kart games from racing my ghost. Epic to see someone bring that to life
  • Dr Phiney
    Arun is the kind of teacher to say : nice essay, then gives a 3/10