I Asked 100 Drive Thrus for Banned Items

Published 2023-05-18

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  • @YouTube
    memory may be wiped but i’ll never forget the “slap yo mama” soda 🥤
  • @_.AsiAndMoon._
    Is no one gonna talk about how Ryan accidentally went to panda express? 💀
  • @vk1ttyy
    ryan thinking the flying dutchman is a secret menu item is so funny to me. as an employee, we have a button for it and its ordered extremely often.
  • We need to make “the fun drink” a thing, just order it and explain what it is. We can make this happen
    I love you Deborah
  • I love how awkward Ryan is lmao it’s absolute gold😂

    Plus it’s hella relatable tbh
  • @luckeeday65
    We love you Deborah ,she is a sweetheart and was not surprised at him ordering the meat mountain 💅🏿
  • @Wunba
    I used to work at Starbucks and can confirm that we made sure to stay on top of the Tic Tok trends for whenever someone ordered one! 😂
  • @tylerperez8560
    As a former backline cook at Arby's, I can confirm the meat mountain exists. I can also confirm that your meat mountain was not lagidamit. The actual sandwich has all the meat Arby's has on one sandwich. I'm talking bacon, roast beef, steak, brisket, corned beef, ham, turkey, and chicken. They just gave you an extra large roast beef sandwich.
  • @ryansonnenberg
    I’ve ordered from Deborah before and she’s amazing. I love you Deborah.
  • 2:40 The reason the cube is banned is because it got too many jaw dislocations 😂😂😂
  • @insectfrogman
    Man this kid has a great sense of humor and screen presence and his subjects are serious all the way to slapstick, very entertaining
  • @Pee_-oi8px
    The classic Ryan Trahan outro😂! Could not have been executed better! Great job on vids Ryan, you have been my fav for a while and I hope ur life is as joyful as the joy u bring me!
  • I like how he just uses the Taco Bell sound effect for all the restaurants 😂
  • @Senpeye_
    Thank you for your contribution to Ryan's Banned Item journey, Deborah! You're a kind soul!!
  • @murrayburke7746
    Meat Mountain was a promotional menu item for the first time about six years ago. I ate it once. Ate the whole thing. I felt a tightness in my chest the whole day. I’m pretty sure my blood turned into a thick gravy. Meat Mountain is a young man’s game.
  • Of course Arby’s is gonna have the meat mountain. Its literal slogan is “we have the meats!”
  • @user-yc3wj1xe1g
    petition to have "the fun drink" an actual menu drink at chipotle. I love you Deborah, she deserves it .