I Tested 1-Star Drive Thrus

Published 2024-03-16

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  • Melissa is the kind of employee you want at your restaurant because she makes people want to come back again because they feel so welcome and so cared about while they're ordering
  • @a_trollll2918
    The reason ryan never gets terrible service is genuinely because of how friendly and nice he is, he just seems like a really nice person to talk to
  • I love how the Mc Donald’s was as new as ever, like it was clear it had an expensive reno if not an entire rebuild, yet the road is horrific. Corporate could afford a new building but they left the sidewalk and road looking like bad.
  • @denisemarie3734
    I hope Melissa gets a raise, promotion, wins the lotto everything. And you Ryan are a kind person and so freaking hilarious, never change.
  • @evanbee5730
    I met Ryan Trahan during the making of this video on his way to fazolis, at the airport! Guys I have to say first hand, Ryan is just as genuine and kind in person as he is in the videos! He inspires me, and getting to meet him was one of the most amazing and exciting experiences of my life. Thank you Ryan for all that you do and all the lives that you touch with your undying positivity!!!
  • @wishbonestars
    13:21 missed opportunity to make the joke "none of us can ever use a period in a sentence ever again because rob robbed them all" LMFAO
  • @Jaker21
    The internet loves Melissa! So kind and calm. We need people who are like her!
  • @swoozie
    I miss the day when we used to look forward to fast food. Subway. Burger King. We didn’t know how good we had it back when the ice cream machine always worked.
  • @Epicplayzall
    I just love how Ryan behaves with his car 😂. It’s so funny. And by the way I love the song you use when you want to show the 1-star places with the oof sound
  • @zero-bj1wg
    "The green chile burger wasnt even that hot im crying cuz something happened" im dying 😭
  • Ryan is the proof that if you treat people nicely, they will treat you nicely back. No one can be rude to such a genuine human being
  • @sr.lontra
    Melissa's attitude is just making me so happy, I can't believe it
  • @Entity-wo3vl
    13:02 "gets their reputation turned to Blakes Lottaburger" has me rolling lmao
  • This is the second video I’ve seen of this guy, and judging by my experiences , it’s great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Hello, I used to work at Fazoli’s IN Kansas. Wichita Kansas not Pawnee, but there is an actual water cup that is about the same size as the small drink. The cup that he was given is the kids cup, no idea why. with AMVGPT beginning the biggest is yet to come, you could live with that!
  • @eijazqaiser5553
    “ate so many breadsticks i became one” THAT GOT ME ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LOL THE PHOTOO
  • @Darkn3ss104
    This is the first video I’m watching from Ryan and I’m already subscribed and ready to buy some of those sour strips they look delicious and I can already confirm you are the sweetest person I’ve seen make a video and your kindness looks so much more genuine than anyone else I’ve ever seen on yt ❤your absolutely awesome keep up the good work👍😁
  • @a2rhombus2
    I love the thought of vomiting blood and being covered in blood and leaving a review on a restaurant instead of going to the hospital