Published 2022-04-30

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  • @Niko
    Best 49 minutes and 9 seconds of my life
  • @sharky
    still angry at john ffs
  • That song Sharky and Chunkz made was lowkey fire🔥🔥🔥
  • You can throw Sharky in a hole and he'll still be smiling. Guy's an angel. ❤
  • @Chunkz
    Big fan of you guys, thanks for the consistency Beta Squad.
  • @YungFilly
    The improvements in the videos are amazing
  • @Rinaa11214
    Ok but Kenny winning the race while barely swimming was the cutest😂❤️
  • @asmr9252
    Niko pretty much wins every challenge, including bowling 😂
  • @alicjamazurek1
    i laughed when the security guys was like "im jam" then aj said "im peanut butter"😭🤣
  • @Bee-fg1kw
    16:31 the random old guy cheering for Kenny while Niko and aj teach him how to swim is so wholesome
    niko aj and kenny livin the best life while sharks and chunkz over here completing games to decide who’s having the bed😭😭
  • @Kermit_E_Frog
    26:15 "MEMBERS OF THE HOTEL SOCIETY" I am in fucking tears, Niko 😂😂😂 my favorite person on this platf
  • @swag-jn1lk
    It was actually so sweet when Niko and Aj started "fighting" to let Kenny win the race. I'm sure it meant something to him even if they were just messing around.
  • It makes me happy to think of how happy the taxi drivers must’ve got
  • @Ieatrocks4dinner
    It´s so funny when Sharky says he hopes that Niko, AJ, and Kenny are having the worst trip ever and then it cuts to them partying in the limo 😭
  • @G.Gracie
    Sharky"you know what,it's not about the place,it's about the company you have"that's cute and brave,he is trying to give Chunk hope😅
  • @alanx4243
    27:00 was amazing. The flow, the vibes, everything was top notch
  • @prodigion1
    Massive props to whoever edited this video, all the edits added vibes and brought it all together
  • @Kingoless29
    Imagine how hard they must've worked to reach a stage where they can have this much fun at will. I just love this