We Took The Cheapest Flight and Ended up in...

Published 2023-11-25

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  • @kingtmax3
    Niko wasn’t available but Kenny came through with the outrageous content 😂😂
  • @ashleyk3990
    Kenny came through. It was so heartwarming seeing his personality shine in this.
  • @wtfnessi
    Kenny is usually pretty quiet but I just noticed how funny he is. 😂 Also I am really glad that they were concerned about the girls ages because they looked like 16. 😂
  • @KimNguyen-hh3wq
    "We got alot of money right now" "yeah by rigging people" that killed me off! AJ and Kenny killed me this episode!! Their scamming antics were hilarious 🤣🤣
  • @Harsh_1.2.3
    I've never seen Kenny so comfortable like that. He actually hilarious asf
  • @tyloarmyy299
    Love how comfortable Kenny was his whole time with Aj , underrated duo !!
  • @jestrinaackah
    Kenny and his wifey😂😂❤❤❤. My favorite part
  • @tayriles
    AJ and Kenny stole the show with this episode for me 🎉 so nice to see Kenny’s personality shine through in this one
  • @moazmalik8329
    Respect to Kenny for making the challenges more entertaining. He didn't have to go on a date, and he did not have to scream when he used the stranger's toilet. But still did and made it funny
  • @helintje
    kenny and naira are a match made in heaven 😂😂 never seen him so happy
  • @plicool
    As a Nigerian, that Naira part killed me 😂😂
  • @maryammm6
    aj and kenny is a duo we never knew we needed
  • @Aishaa5
    Aj and Kenny picking random strangers to their team is so wholesome and look how everyone is happy 43:32 ❤❤😊
  • @flamexd7871
    AJ being surrounded by kids and being the same height while celebrating is top tier lol
  • @NavHarpreet
    AJ brought the best out of Kenny It's been such a long time we saw Kenny this happy and entertaining
  • This is one of the best videos you've ever done tbh AJ and Kenny are the team no one knew we needed. Made me realize that Niko taking the piss out of AJ every chance he gets actually kind of ruins the videos because he shuts down and we don't get to see how funny he actually is..
  • @kmkxr
    i love when kenny is happy n that it shows he’s comfortable around who hes with