The World's Hardest Video Game!

Published 2020-09-04
We play Trap Adventure 2, and whoever doesn't get to the 10th level gets slimed. Watch the whole video to find out who beats the challenge and who doesn't!

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All Comments (21)
  • Cyprus 1.0
    I love how Karl managed to censor himself. Jimmy was just calm while Chris and Chandler were raging mad.
  • Never have i ever seen Chandler and Chris get so frustrated ever.. Its honestly so hilarious. I really feel the pain that jimmy and the rest had to go through.
  • AndyBoi
    8:32 The most wholesome,genuine and life changing quote Chris has ever said since Mrbeast's debut
  • froggie_8
    Okay but Karl managed to keep himself censored the whole time even though he got the furthest, respect
  • JodzyFUT
    Imagine if Chris didn't watch PewDiePie play it. Thank you PewDiePie for keeping the MrBeast crew sane 👍👑
  • Jaserr
    I hear Chris and Karl occasionally curse, but I was so surprised to see Chandler curse
  • runkboi18
    Fun fact: That kid was actually testing his phone case durability and ended up breaking the phone.
  • Aarongamer
    Jimmy : “Do you guys believe that some people play this game for fun?”

    Karl : “No chance anybody does that”

    Facts right there
  • NotStorm
    This game is the literal meaning of 'never let them know ur next move'
  • Ingrid Mounsey
    When Jimmy beats a level it’s so wholesome and I feel so bad ❤😢
  • Lim
    Chris and Chandler: raging
    Karl: concentrating
    Jimmy: terrible at games
  • Dexters
    Seeing Chris rage is a pleasure 🤣
  • Yellow_Vr
    I've never seen the crew get so mad and rage this hard
  • MrVibxzz
    The main thing you want to do on this game (I never played this game, but I am just trying to help) is you want to use your time wisely. When the timer starts try to speed run through all the levels as much as possible. Now when you get to know your not so wonderful game levels you know what happens and can generate a strategy to get to level 10. When done with that plan or strategy, you must once again use your time wisely. Meaning you want try and read all the levels and inspect what is happening. Remember, anything can happen, and anything is possible. And I can feel how so hard it feels but you need to control your anger and curse words. By not controlling this you will get focused on winning and not knowing what, and how to do the level you are on. If this helps, I am very glad this helped you. And if it doesn’t I would like you not to send hate with a 10 year response by saying, “it didn’t work, frick u, FRICK U”. I would respect this a lot, have a great day and God bless y’all.
  • KashGames
    Geometry dash demons:
    Allow me to introduce myself 😂
  • Emily Melba
    Chris's anger: swearing
    Chandler's anger: shouting
    Mrbeast's anger: kalm
    Karl's anger: honk