I Installed The GTA V Chaos Mod!

Published 2020-09-09
This GTA mod makes the game way more fun and crazier. Of course we had to add a challenge to it.

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All Comments (21)
  • @loiddd7750
    MrBeast in 2090: “Destroying the Eiffel Tower and suprising france with a new one!”
  • The chaos mod is so realistic. Jimmy just earns quarter of a million and turns everything gold while Chandler just keeps losing.
  • @satellaf2p31
    That face on karl HAHAHAHAHA "WASTED" "Just kidding, keep playing"
  • @johnpaul7305
    Jimmy: enters his username mrbeast GTA: yup thats him (instantly gets $250000)
  • @tvoyGey
    2:44 Scooter brothers, this is a meme from GTA 4
  • @deuces2399
    Chris: “ you get the Midas touch I get teleported to heaven!” That doesn’t sound bad at all
  • @KeyEpic
    Jimmy: “I got Midas touch!” Chandler: «they spawned a Ferris wheel on me»
  • @ice802
    Jimmy: whatever i touch turns to gold Everyone: ye we know
  • @beemis8469
    Jimmy: “I just got a quarter of a million dollars randomly!” Ironic
  • @SleepyYnw
    Blud woke up and chose violence 😂😂😂
  • @user-sf3pi3br7g
    У Карла даже в GTA V есть поклонники