I Searched 100 Dumpsters, Here's What I Found

Published 2019-10-12

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  • MrBeast
    subscribe or I kick you
  • DefenciveSide
    If this guy was my local appraiser I’d be a millionaire
  • Filmdom Recap
    Just subscribed and I'm already blown away by the content! Keep up the good work MrBeast, you're making a huge impact and bringing joy to so many people.
  • Skillet shorts
    chandlers appraising was more accurate than the ''professional''
  • JOD_Sneakerhead12
    Chris: Finds 500 bucks
    Professional: ehh, maybe 25 cents

    Weddle: Finds a jar of piss
    Professional: 60 Dollars
  • The ending shows grow good of a guy Chris is. Love to see it
  • Love Light
    Wow ,you never know what people throw out ,great job guys
  • John Biever
    Only Chris would be lucky enough as to find an actual sword in a dumpster.
  • kappu kaushik
    can we all just appreciate how wholesome chris is
  • Kat rell
    Que humilde ms beast enseñándonos que la basura es el tesoro de otros
  • Es sorprendente que en la basura allan encontrado cosa caras que aca el latino america seria muy bueno tenerlas
  • verizzy
    Chris: finds a literal sword that could be worth hundreds
    Appraiser: yeah about $25
    Chris: finds a cool looking water bottle
    Appraiser: $25
  • You are the best patron, the best friend and the best content creator. Greetings from Monterrey, MX
  • Brady Newman
    Finds a dollar

    Professional: “yep, that’s about 20$”
  • RDR
    Hey Jimmy, I'm from Russia, you're a cool dude, a lot of people watch you here, keep it up more often.
  • Grande Mr beast sigue trayendo contenido como este que son entretenidos y divertidos
  • Xanexiv
    Очень мило смотреть как они находят вещи и называют им цену 😊