I Bought Everything In 5 Stores

Published 2021-01-09
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All Comments (21)
  • Carthu's Dojo
    This man won’t stop till he buys all of Amazon.
  • Marky Mark
    You can tell he was raised right. What a good person. Most down to earth millionaire I’ve ever seen.
  • Christofer Raya
    The face of the car dealership guy when he realized Jimmy was gonna buy every car again was priceless 🤣
  • StepFor1
    Классно что абсолютно разные магазины , столько добра и позитива , с ума можно сойти ))
  • DJ French Abbe
    other YouTubers who make millions of dollars out of us never thought to give something to the charity this man deserves all the best in his life
  • iAdvancedU
    Mr Beast in 5 Years: “First person to go to Mars, wins $10 Million”
  • Railfan Pro
    This is so wholesome. It's good to see this kind of stuff instead of people buying stuff and destroying it for views.
  • Luna
    mr beast. the only man to be worried about one jackets price whilst buying a whole store. love it. truly a living legend
  • kat Woodcock
    The fact that he talked to the manager to make sure that he didn't throw a community into disarray is amazing 10/10
  • Joseph jacob
    He earns to keep others happy which makes him happy. Giving is Happiness and he is literally proving it for every penny he earns. With little what i have few pets and people are happy too . That feeling of giving is really awesome especially when you give to strangers who are in most in need.
  • Noah Almany
    Mr Beast is making those math problems seem realistic.
  • For someone who has started their own business and its in its beginning stages lifting at a crawl - watching what you do for others makes my heart full. You do so much for so many people. This is amazing. Helping so many AND their families. You are just a great human being and your crew. Never stop being you. Love this content.
  • ThezealotBob
    Its insane how you do so much good and entertain at the same time.
    I am at a loss for words of how truly awesome this is
  • Madeline Toala
    Todos se ven felices me alegro por su esfuerzo ayudan a muchas personas que necesitan de esos autos para movilizarse
  • nc lp
    honestly this is probably what i will do if i had as much money as him. just non stop give things away to people in need and try to make the world a better place. thank you so much for all you give back mr beast.
  • What a good person. Most down to earth millionaire I’ve ever seen.
  • KaMa JuSo
    Would love to see this with local/handcrafted stores.