Explaining the Ending to Destiny's Light and Darkness Saga. Destiny 2 Final Shape's Excision Lore!

Published 2024-06-09
Destiny 2's Final Shape Finale mission known as "Excision" brings an end to Destiny's first 10 year saga. In this moment I think it's clear that the Final Shape is the best expansion that Destiny has ever seen, and so I wanted to explain this moment in time, what comes next and what the message from Destiny is at the end of this first 10 year saga.
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All Comments (21)
  • @CosmicAether
    That scene with the Fallen and human children chasing a baby War Beast is too adorable.
  • @Lamp37820
    Saint-14 being the literal wall against which darkness broke.
  • This was a perfect ending, and it has been clear from the very beginning. All those years ago, at the end of VOG, Bungie told us, "Guardians make their own fate." Keep telling the stories. We appreciate you, Loremaster.
  • @Shawn-363
    Can I just say that I LOVED the fact that Savathun and some of her Hive lightbearers were fighting with us. After reading the Books of Sorrow and the Witch Queen story, it felt right that she was there. It felt like she was there to avenge the Krill. Now I understand why the Traveler gave her the light. At the end of the day she’s still young Sathona, worried about the future of her people. She couldn’t make her own fate, because they were destined to live a short life. Her fighting the Witness is like her statement that we make our own fate.
  • @belliebun4529
    God, Excision was such an emotional finale to this 10-year-long saga.
  • @ryucloud4800
    byf making me cry on his final thoughts. i appreciate you byf and everyone involved in sharing these stories. i love listening to stories, thank you for telling them :)
  • @kwall55
    When cayde says we’re his favorite, i always view that as the traveler saying that to us through cayde. Humanity, looking at how it left the precursors and fallen, is the traveler’s favorite.
  • "Nobody makes my fate but me" You could say Cayde chose his... Destiny
  • I like how the dissenters kind of took on the Guardian Creed. They were devoted to their dislike for the Witness, were brave and chose to sacrifice their lives.
  • I cried. Genuinely cried. When Ghost died, Our Guardian begging the Traveler to bring back Ghost, Cayde sacrificing himself and Ghost coming back to life it made me break down and cry.
  • The message "guardian's make their own fate" from vault of glass has never felt more relevant. Thank you Byf, I look forward to this next chapter.
  • @Iceykitsune
    Did you notice that the eliksni fighting by our side were our crew from Season of the Plunder?
  • @Lokahi-7
    It’s truly been an honor sir. You are a pillar of this community from the very beginning, covering all the different content and theory’s and concepts, both in game and in real life. You are my favorite YouTuber. I appreciate and value you’re insight on the lore and points or views you have, they way you evaluate information and share it with a grain of salt and go on about things some times and then proceed to say something along the lines of “hey maybe that was all nonsense, but it’s possible, but I could also be wrong” you are a great person, with a large will and even larger amounts if humility, I’m not sure how a community like this was gifted such a great lore daddy but gosh dang you were quite literally born for this job, you handle everything with such respect. And I can only say in return, I respect you byf, not as a guardian, not as a YouTuber. As a person, you set an example, and I honestly don’t think I would have stuck with destiny as long as I did if it wasn’t for your videos. At the end if everything, honestly, I didn’t care about anyone else’s videos I wanted to hear and see you’re point of view on everything. I have nothing but appreciation for your content sir, thank you for everything, and I 100% agree you have found your purpose Per Audacia Ad Astra I’ll see you starside sir🫡
  • @KjcKiesh
    Thank you Byf for covering Destiny's lore so thoroughly and for so long, I've dipped in and out of Destiny over the years but whenever I've needed a catchup on what's been happening I know I can always return here to learn!
  • @alter6243
    The Ghost's sacrifice was a beautiful scene. Especially seeing how our guardian reacts. Begging for our Ghost to be brought back. Cayde was a real one giving up his light for Ghost. Loved how the relationship between our Ghosts was emphasized throughout this expansion. Targe, Sundance and our Ghost.
  • @Carrity
    That was a beautiful way to end the light and dark saga. Absolutely beautiful. Especially the new orbit soundtrack after the final mission
  • 10 years of lore. 10 years of battles. 10 years of friends. Thanks for everything Byf. You've been a guiding light that has accompanied me and my friends on every adventure. You've given us insight and made every conflict more interesting by helping us understand our enemy and ourselves. Audacia Ad Astra my friend.
  • @minimatt2338
    Destiny has never been a tear jerker for me but this ending got me. The music and finality of it all was amazing. It's weird to look back at myself and how long I've been playing this game. A twelve year old looking to play a game made by the Halo people to now just out of college. Makes you think, time flies.