Destiny 2 Lore - The Final Shape is answering big questions & has HUGE Revelations & Mysteries!

Published 2024-06-06
Destiny 2's Lore and Story from the Final Shape expands on a number of revelations and story beats. The reveal of what the veiled statues are and how they relate to the Witness, the characters such as Luzaku and how they change the game for the Hive. The future for characters like Savathun and the change coming over the Traveller itself. All these mysteries have been touched on or revealed in the Final Shape so I thought I'd talk about all of them.
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All Comments (21)
  • @erikm8373
    I saw a funny theory that the twist on Crow's wish is that Cayde doesn't want him to apologize, and shuts him down every time he tried to bring it up.
  • @ThanosMahomes
    The final shape is turning the traveler into that cool “S” thing we all used to draw in school
  • @ZealBreak-vc1ed
    The moment I saw luzaku I immediately thought “Oh my god, hive friend, new favorite character unlocked”
  • @wraithofkah5487
    I really feel like what we did for Riven stopped her from twisting Crow's wish. The only twist I can think of is that once the Witness is destroyed, Cayde will no longer exist again. However, where ever this story is going, I'm freaking loving it so far!!!
  • @Astr0-1408
    Can't wait for Byf to talk about Kelgorath, Vestige of Failure
  • @5amu22
    Idk if this dialogue didn't happen for most, but i haven't heard it discussed at all. Luzaku name drops The Gardener. Plain and simple. THE gardener. Ghost responds with, "you mean the traveler" and all is swept under the rug but I thought id point that out just in case
  • @lasersloth20
    I love the fact that the veiled statue reveal now implies that a dissenter gave us stasis, not the witness
  • @SargeXtrme
    Hey, I don't know if you lore folks know this or not, but if you take Lubrae's Ruin through certain parts of the campaign where there are the "indeterminant whispers" with the veiled statues or something like that, you get actual lines apart from people who aren't using the Glaive. Haven't yet tested with other Glaives like Enigma as of yet, but I repeated the mission with the whispering statues with and without a glaive to make sure!
  • @Chikakko
    And now in the Raid trailer we hear the witness saying "I" We so cooked
  • The exotic ship "The First Knife" lore has crazy implications, and continues to support the Winnower's existence. I won't say anything more, but I definitely recommend people to go and read it themselves if they're interested.
  • @exendary8366
    The Witness’ head wound is going to be his crit spot in the raid
  • I hope everyone noticed that after the Witness was wounded and the raid coming tomorrow, it's now referring to itself as I, not We Dont know the possible implications, but they're all gonna be wild, I'm sure
  • Micah-10 and Ghost both refer to the Gardener and the Traveler as being the same thing and interchangeable titles, which leads me to believe that Unveiling is more metaphor than fact. Alongside a lore card from one of the new exotics ships you can earn from triumphs.
  • You can find mini travelers along the world map that has micah basically having visions of the travelers thoughts. All of them have been INCREDIBLY interesting. Worth finding.
  • @vgernyc
    So in Destiny 3 we will have to deal with the equivalent of Melkor (The Winnower) since The Witness was apparently the equivalent of Sauron. Luzaku was basically calling The Traveler, The Gardener. Savathun has more to tell if Oryx met The Winnower.
    Luzaku I believe also said something about her no longer having a worm. It wasn't explicit as it was a passing remark about a feeling where the thing that used to eat at her used to be but this would make her the second named hive character without a worm and a tithe to one.
  • @yaopps4416
    The fact that the dissenters can only speak to you when the witness is attempting to speak to or influence you was such a good touch
  • @Levisterman
    Leaving my theory about the statues: They aren't just a prison to separate an individual from the main body, I think they are also a way for the witness to leave an ambassador for him to reach out through. It wouldn't make sense that the witness would tell us to go to Europa in shadow keep and then a defector Spector be the one to meet us there and teach us stasis.
  • @ashleejones586
    I want more characters like Luzaku. It’d be dope to fight alongside Hive Lightbearers