Bungie just teased the future of Destiny (and was a tease it was).

Published 2024-06-10
we were so close, yet so far. today, bungie revealed the future of episodes over the next year and what comes beyond that. unfortunately, they didn't say much. and by much, i mean basically nothing at all.

source:    • Destiny 2 | The Journey Ahead  

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  • @10TARDIS
    Claim your "Here before the title was fixed" ticket here (Also, totally no hate for the typo, Datto must be so exhausted after the race, I just think it's funny)
  • @kadabR_
    And was a tease it was. I WAS HERE
  • @fluke7506
    So if this enemy forces us to obey its commands. What if it commands everyone to get freaky??
  • @CerealScientist
    I could hear the Day 1 exhaustion in the breakdown after Codename Frontiers lmao
  • man that Heresy bone armor set looks hilarious. Napoleon raided the damn Paris catacombs for that new look and I love it.
  • @jacobkern2060
    "Somehow Fikrul returned" Meanwhile, his Strike is one of the few where every single run of it's canon rather than a recollection
  • @manic_ferret
    -defeat the witness -what goin on over at nessus -practice alchemy -hive a natural timeline
  • @dwferox
    I think the name "Frontiers" is a pretty big tease for what they have planned. Seems pretty clear to me that they intend for the next saga in Destiny to be leaving Sol and going out and exploring the universe.
  • @Heezzay
    he said in the video that echoes had spread across "the galaxy" instead of the system. i think its pretty clear where were headed and this is about as much confirmation they can give without spoiling literally everything.
  • @-whiskey-4134
    I spent more time on the Dreadnaught just messing around than any other destination Destiny. I cant wait.
  • @DangerDane62
    Bungie really gave us a “Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!” For like the third time in a row now.
  • @goldspiral
    my dream narrative for codename frontiers is helping caiatl and her legion retake torobatl from xivu's infestation.
  • @Kazuhira2249
    i think frontiers is that we will go to different star systems (torobatl and riis) which is heavily hinted in final shape dialogue (micah talking about how she wants to see riis, and zavala saying that if caiatl wishes to take back torobatl he will help)
  • @mikes6866
    It’s totally Maya Sundaresh on Nessus.
  • @vicedtea