We Remade Our 1st Video 15 Years Later

Published 2024-04-20
15 YEARS OF DUDE PERFECT!!! We remake our 1st video, relive the Top 15 DP moments, and pick our favorite Cool Not Cool items ever! Thanks for spending the last 15 years with us! Here's to 15 more! 🎟️ Come see us on Tour in Europe! - dudeperfect.com/tour

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Music by Manic Bloom: "Running from the Scene - JR McRemix"
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"Running from the Scene - JR McRemix"
Performed by Manic Bloom
Written by Jeffrey Wayne Brinkley Jr, David Joel Stevenson, Andrew William Neale, Matthew Bernard Lawrence and Jeffrey Warren Hildebrand
© JeffTheBrink Publishing / Funky Bug Entertainment / Matthew B Lawrence Music / Von Hildebrand Publishing / Perfectionisht Labs
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All Comments (21)
  • @dudeperfect
    There is no Dude Perfect without you guys. Whether you’ve watched once or a million times, we’re forever grateful! Love y’all! - 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️ Cobes, Cor, Ty, Gar & Codes
  • @theyoyobro12
    Coach Pat!!! He was the best!!! Happy 15 years! Thankful for you and the clean fun you provide to all ages! Gig em!!!
  • Coach PAT!!! 😂😂😂my son and I have been pointing “BAM” at each other all week!!! He’s got to be a regular!!!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
  • @DBazzy
    The attention to detail is amazing. Literally frame by frame. Down to the boot.
  • @Commentingfame
    15 years is insane. The backyard video gives so many memories😭
  • @DoritoJet
    one of the most underrated parent channels of youtube. Hardcore you guys helped mold a whole big side of the platform so positively and no one noticed. I feel as though you’ve touched such a broad audience with your positive personalities alone and I’m not an avid viewer at all. But I seriously respect and love you guys and hope this works out as long as it can for you guys!!!
  • And with the first pick in the NedFL draft, DP selects...Chuck! Here comes Chuck! Here comes Chuck! Here comes Chuck!
  • @skeletonz00387
    DP is truly authentic. Despite starting off with trick shots, and having a pretty niche audience, you guys have managed to stay relevant while not having to rebrand, accept a narrative, or change who you all are as people. I watched you guys all the growing up and just jumped back into your videos recently, I'm having a blast watching new videos and rewatching old videos I used to watch when life was simpler. Soo nostalgic, hats off to you guys seriously
  • I am 22 years old have been married for one year and just graduated college. I have watched every dude perfect video released on the main page. I am so proud of where these guys have gone from and where they are going. They are truly the best most wholesome entertainment and I cannot wait to show my sons these videos I grew up on.
  • Coach Pat for the win!!!!! My son and I have been walking around saying bam! Since we saw the video greatness. Congrats on 15 years! Makes me feel old.
  • @MamaBearGail
    We love Dude Perfect...here's to 15 more years! We vote for Chuck!!!
  • @PeterSuarez123
    Ty, Cody and Coby: complaining about the confetti Gar and Cory: 🧑🏻🤳🏻👨🏻‍🦲🤳🏻
  • @MidnightScout
    I still remember the first HQ. I thought that was place was crazy, until they got the second HQ. And just seeing you guys somehow continue to raise the stakes has been insane! Congrats to 15 years guys! Looking forward to many more insane moments!
  • @TheBalty
    Started watching your videos with my son when he was only 2. He's now 16 and we still love watching your videos. Thanks for all you guys do!!!
  • @kmraney
    It’s been real, Ned. Really. Miss ya buddy. ….put COACH PAT in!!!!
  • Congrats on 15 years!! That’s a super impressive achievement in any kind of show business 👏👏
  • My dad has been here since the beginning, you guys have been a part of my relationship with my father for over 80% of my life
  • @MrSirWivd
    i have now watched all overtime episodes in order. its a great show to binge when youre sick. ill be staying up to date when new episodes drop.
  • I almost shedded a tear… 15 yrs is crazy to think about🔥🔥 glad you guys are still around