Prison Escape Battle

Published 2024-03-09
BREAKING NEWS: One of the Dudes has successfully escaped from the Panda Prison in our newest EPIC battle! Watch to find out which Dude was able to break out of his cell and evade the thermal drones and attack dogs to complete his escape.



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► Special thanks to the Frisco Police Department and the K9 Unit for helping us find our escaped convicts.

► Special thanks to all of our extras!
Adam Frankel
Breanna K. Thomson
Tyler Cox
Grecia Guerra Garcia
Lauren Alexandra Terry
Peter Nathaniel Terry
Justin David Martinez
Organized + Tidy
Rudolfo (Rudy) Kessler
Saja Stage
Suraj Varma Namburi
Tiffany Lopez
Tyelaken Gage

And all other Extras who participated as Inmates in this video.

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Comment: Where did the escapee head to on the train?!

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All Comments (21)
  • @aayanshaikh4003
    Legends say that Tyler still roams through the vents of the prison hoping to find the escape....☠☠
  • @TheSpaniard
    Finally Purple Hoser Nation gets the dub we deserve!!
  • @OvenAssociation
    These battles are getting wild bro. Remember when the most exciting part about each battle was seeing if Coby was gonna win?
  • @ramaswamifamily
    Crazy how dude perfect keeps up the production after all these years insane
  • @IAmAlyahs
    Dude Sparky uses his voice wonderfully. I applaud his performance
  • @spartancdc5117
    I love how battles still work the same way but they are just more cinematic now
  • @Glitchrocube
    I feel like Garrett had some first hand experience going into this battle 💀
  • @SerjantChamp
    Garrett is the definition of think smarter not harder 😂
  • I love how they made this elimination battle but with story and production but the battles were still competitive and reals
  • @Incepter.
    I love how battles are getting more and more creative the more videos Dude Perfect makes, the hide-and-seek with thermal drones and attack dogs should be a hide-and-seek video itself. It was way more intense that I would have thought.
  • @SAITARUN-eki
    justice for Garrett for getting arrested just for being bald🤣
  • @IOAN-2905
    One of the best battles i ve seen in some time. Great production, also the dudes played the game perfectly
  • @BraelenKalsbeek
    Great idea adding sparky to ur videos now, he's a great addition
  • @Awesome-Allstars
    "Officer, a guy with no upper body strength is trying to escape!!!" -Ty 😂
  • @natalinar3819
    AMAZING! SO Entertaining!! The last Clue-themed elimimation game was my fave, bc I LOVE Clue...but this...WOW. so creative! Set-up must have been so much work. Fantastic job. I also thought Ty was going to win and find some secret exit! Mr. Competitivo 😎 the same time, I was literally thinking to myself while watching, "my knees and legs would be hurting SO bad!" 😅 so I gotchu! 👊 Like Cody lifting himself up out of the cell, as tall as he is...💪 Garrett unscrewing the 13th bar!! 🤓 Love this!! 🧢 Just awesome.
  • @Ripem558
    One of the best DP videos in a while!!!