#AustralianCattleDog Life Stages: MUST KNOW

Published 2023-03-16
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I learned a lot of these lessons the hard way. The mission of this channel is to help you learn from my wins and loses so you don’t have. They’re here for a good time, not a long time. Let’s make it count!🤘🏼

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All Comments (21)
  • @HikingwithGus
    Gus has been the easiest dog to train I have even known. That being said, people need to understand that you do not own a Cattle Dog, they own you. They will steal your heart and amaze you at every turn. They will push you to the point of wanting to strangle them and then just at that point, turn on the cuteness. They are, the masters of manipulation.
  • @JudyinAZ3
    I adopted a rescued 4 1/2 year old red heeler and she is now 12. Most awesome dog. I’ve had five heelers over my life span. It is sad when heaven takes them. Best friends ever.
  • @mogywithahardg
    4 in the morning, he brings me his leash, and then stares at me till I get up. We run at least 2 miles, then if it’s the weekend, play all sorts of mental and physical games. He’s 7 now, and hasn’t slowed down. I got him in junior high, and at 12 months he started tearing around like a maniac. Socialized him intensely, and now he thinks every kid and every other dog is his friend. That can be good and bad.
  • @emsmile84
    We got our Red Heeler as a very well trained rescue dog. Our guy named Ranger is amazing. I am a runner and would load up the babies in our double wide stroller and we'd run for at least 5 miles on dusty AZ trails. When we'd turn the loop on our half way point, he'd start to drag because he hated that we were halfway. Where we lived, there were Bobcats, javalina's, aggressive coyotes and mountain lions ... I always felt safe running when Ranger was with me. Hed do anything for me. He LOVED it until he got Valley Fever. He's never been the same. Could only go three miles after. He loves me and tolerates everyone else because he knows I love those other people. He is my velcro dog and follows me even though he's old now, and it hurts him a lot to be on his feet so much. It breaks my heart for him. Love this intelligent, brilliant, serious, loyal breed.
  • @debbierobins4155
    I have owned blue cattle dogs for many years both female and male long tail and stumpy and have just now bought my very first red cattle dog and I have to say I think the red dog is on another level again. Wynnie is now 10 weeks old but from 7 weeks she has been fetching and bringing back a ball when thrown and also sitting and staying on command. Super smart and sticks to my side like glue. Always watching and listening for something to happen. I also have to say that you are correct about the whole protective thing and they are super protective to the point you dont have to worry about anyone breaking into your property. Speaking for my dogs they have always been very good with children of all ages even the very young going to great lengths to make sure they are very protected and will definately put themselves in the line of fire to make sure they keeping their person or people safe. If you are prepared to put in the work you will be rewarded more than you could possibly imagine. Love love love this breed.
  • @desertbat4943
    My dog is a heeler/ beagle mix. She has the intelligence of a heeler and the chill and sweetness of a beagle. Best dog ever! She's learns quickly and has great manners!
  • @erinmuetz8771
    My ACD is 10 and slowing down a bit. Still gets in the air catching the frisbee! I love him too pieces!
  • just adopted a 10 year old heeler mix, not sure what to expect, but have never been so excited to share my life and home. no matter the short time we will get with her i know it will be amazing
  • My cattle dog x is 15 plus, blind, deaf, arthritic, but my goodness she loves when the lead comes out and she gets to patrol her streets! I have also seen her take off after little creatures rustling around the backyard at night, giving them a good bark! She mostly sleeps though and it is lovely seeing her more mellow energy too. Love this dog ❤
  • @mkbcoolman
    New sub here. I'm a new ACD owner...I adopted a 4yo momma and one of her pups after they were dumped on a backroad. I've had them for two months now, and I am absolutely enamored. I honestly can't believe how intelligent they are, but I figured out really quick I needed better skills before they became terrors. Your videos have been so helpful. I feel like I understand my dogs better, which makes me love them even more. Sapphire (momma) is my constant shadow. We bonded super quick, and I could walk her off-leash after only 3 days. I had them off leash yesterday and a someone commented on how well trained they are, so I'd say your strategies are pretty effective!!
  • One thing I would like to add...I am 61 yrs. old , Ellie is my 2nd Heeler , She is 14 months now and its been a hell ride! She has yanked me to ground twice and I am in good condition, consider your age before getting a pup, She is just now showing signs of brainwaves! I work her everyday and she goes everywhere with me now...
  • @sherrymckeon7907
    Everything you said is spot on. My Sadie won't be one until the end of September. The dog from hell for a while. Started wondering if I made a mistake. Been listening to your training tips for Cattle Dogs. It's starting to work for us. She is starting to listen. She is my shadow. Comes on command and sits. Stay is almost there. Down is on her back with her legs in the air. Thank you for helping me to bring the wonderful qualities of this breed of dog out.
  • My Bella is a Blue Heeler. She just turned 6 a couple of weeks ago. We don’t have any grandkids and our son lives in Arizona so she is our daughter. She’s my second Cattle Dog. My first was a Kelli. All I can tell you is that she’s smarter than me! I can’t put anything over on her. Her mother was a Blue and her father was a red. In a litter of 6 there were two blues and four reds. Blues and reds are not separate breeds. For lack of a better term, they are “interchangeable” like Labs.
  • @JasonLeeDeeCee
    I have a red male. I got him at 9 or 10 weeks and had him almost two months. No joke, the only time I’ve ever seen him sleep was on the car ride home and that’s it! Lol No matter how much I try to tire him out he never takes puppy naps. His kennel is in the living room and no matter what time of the day it is, even if I’m as quiet as humanly possibly, by the time I sneak down the hall from my bedroom he up and looking out the door or side of his kennel. I’ve literally never seen him sleep so far lol
  • @debzeh2264
    I have a german shepherd/blue heeler, Lucy. She was completely nuts as a young pup, nipping ,herding and totally out of control. I remember crying, thinking what have I done? We worked hard, played hard. Lucy loves people and dogs, not young kids so much. She is now the love of my life at one year. I work from home and we are together most of the time. She requires at least 90 minutes of hiking/running and then mental stimulation. I have lots of chew toys, antlers work great.
  • @vanlifebiker
    I'm 7+ months in & mine still hasn't slept yet. 😂
  • My blue heeler Zaira has been the biggest blessing! I never thought I would get a dog but we had her since 7 weeks and taught her from the go. She is a parvo survivor and is my biggest protector and she is only 3 almost. I want another but with the parvo I don't want to do it sadly.
  • @marthakenny2491
    mine was an a-hole until he was five years old. after that he was trainable. he wasn't crazy out of control, just would not work for treats as a reward which made it difficult. I have a three year old now and she is now receptive to training. She is very food motivated, to the point of being a tad overweight. With a recent foot surgery, I could not walk or run her. Felt so horrible as if I hurt her in some way. We are now back at it. Hoping for the best, she is truly amazing
  • @lindabyrd3748
    I want a Heeler. I've had many dog's in my life. And I Love to train them. I believe I will have a lot of fun with training my Heeler when I get one. I hear a lot of intelligence in these dog's. I can hardly wait! I've been looking for a young rescue. Or I will end up getting one as a young pup. ❤