7 Things You Must NEVER Do To Your Blue Heeler Dog

Published 2022-10-03
7 Things You Must NEVER Do To Your Blue Heeler Dog. Blue heeler dogs also known as the Australian cattle dog are hard working loyal dogs. In this video, we share 7 things you must never do to your blue heeler if you want them to be happy and healthy.

Blue Heelers
Australian Cattle Dog
Blue Heeler Dog


0:00 Intro
0:57 Blue Heeler Nipping
1:40 Exercising
2:20 Socializing
3:04 Give them a job
3:40 Good Energy
4:23 Firm Directions
5:05 Grooming

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All Comments (21)
  • @picachurocket
    such a great video! I struggle with my 2 year old aussie/blue heeler bc i didn't get her out to socialize and starting to see how territorial and protective she's gotten even when guests come over. definitely trying to get her out more!
  • I have my 17 week old blue fetch water bottles when packing lunches. I set them out on the ground and tell him to bring them to me. He will now bring the empty water bottles to recycling bin.
  • My Bluey, Zara, has slept behind my legs since the day I brought her home at age six weeks 11 years ago. A Cattle Dog is for life your most loyal friend.
  • My blue heeler Pancho is about 8 months old now. Incredibly smart, loving and loyal. He is housebroken, will sit, shakes hands, lay down, roll over and not grab food or treats until I tell him go ahead. I put ribeye on the ground and he waits . We love him. Very smart but loves to play . Can play all day. I take him for a couple of long walks a day and play fetch with him. That seems to wear him out. I can't say enough how much me and my wife love that dog. His learning ability is insane . Best dogs in the world for the right owners
  • @bethwarren731
    My blues 12. Best girl ever. Never nipped, good listener (except bring me the ball back lol), loves kids, smart easy to train even at her age. She's great to go wherever with me too. Don't know what I'd do without her. My best friend ♥️
  • One will never have a dog as devoted and intelligent as a Heeler
  • @wendyrice734
    Love love this breed!! I've had two. Best dog ever. Agree with everything he says. They are velcro dogs but boy, no better freind could you find. They are loyal and fun. Mine truly did watch my every move. They would herd my horses and then run 10 miles with me, and still want to play when we got back. Their energy is endless.
  • @carrdoug99
    One of the best videos on heelers I've seen. You nailed it. The word is INTENSE! Intensely loyal. Intensely loving. Intensely intelligent. It's all on the owner. Nipping, aggressive behavior, etc can all be handled (easily) if you get out in front of these issues. Only get a heeler if you're looking for a go everywhere with you sidekick (including lots of adventures). They respond incredibly well to voice commands (great trail dogs).
  • @marydawkins4190
    I have a red heeler and he's THE best dog I've ever had. He sticks to me like velcro, protects me from other dogs jumping on me at the park, herds my cats, and snuggles with me at night. He actually loves to spoon. He also needs a good game of fetch once a day and an hour long walk. But, they're also very cautious dogs. They sometimes need time to adjust to new "things". Super sensitive little buddies with huge hearts!! :face-red-heart-shape:
  • I just rescued 4 Blue Heelers while in Kentucky. I got them their first shots and brought them back to Ohio. It only took me a couple of weeks to get them re-homed. They were so beautiful I couldn't just leave them to get ran over
  • @marydawkins4190
    AND I totally agree they are not a good match for anyone who cannot assume the leader role right from the start. Definitely not a dog for beginners.
  • I’m glad I watched this. I have a red heeler and this has given me ideas to do that I haven’t done yet.
  • @sisharrington
    I’ve got two female Blue’s and they’re absolutely incredible dogs, easy to train if you get past the stubborn attitude they have, loyal to a T, love to be with their chosen master, love to run, swim, jump and play! Just all around great breed to have if you have the proper time and energy to spend with them ❤
  • @adamhain421
    I as an Aussie find this very funny. Advice bout our cattle dog from a bloody yank.
  • My heeler is 13. I adore him. He has slowed down now but still loves bringing me anything I can toss. He knows a whole bunch of commands. These dogs are amazing.
  • @debra2697
    We raised them in the 70’s. The smartest dogs I have ever had. My pup was named Ambush for a reason. Those dogs were ranch dogs and would get the cows in by themselves every evening. But they were fun and loving family dogs. Ambush would climb trees with me and was so loyal. Back then in the 70’s they were not a well known breed. When the pups were born white we were a little shocked. There colors came in nicely in no time.
  • @RonFleener
    They're definitely full of energy. We don't have livestock, but we got a frisbee and Bailey will run all day and half the night. She just has a go speed lol.