Australian Cattle Dog vs. The Border Collie - Which Is Better?

Published 2024-02-14
Discover the rich herding heritage and distinctive traits of the Australian Cattle Dog and Border Collie in this insightful comparison. From their historical origins to modern-day adaptations, explore how these intelligent and versatile breeds have left an indelible mark. Uncover their unique herding styles, behavioral traits, and roles in various activities, showcasing why they stand out as iconic companions. Whether you're fascinated by the robust and protective nature of the Australian Cattle Dog or the unparalleled intelligence and agility of the Border Collie, this exploration into their histories and roles provides a glimpse into the world of two extraordinary canine breeds.

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  • @Gingerwalker.
    Well put. I have worked with both breeds. I would say one of the differences I noticed right away is the Border Collie lives to please. The Cattle Dog is more aloof and can tend to be more of a do it their own way dog. We used to have to be careful to not bring too many Cattle Dogs out with us at one time while working cattle in Montana. Because if they started getting a pack mentality they could become too aggressive with young livestock. 2 were about the right number to have out on the range. They could work the cattle wonderfully. But sometimes working with even 3 Cattle Dogs, they would try to take down a running calf and we had to stop them from doing serious injury or worse. They were impressive to watch with the cows. They didn't take any crap even from the Longhorns. To my mind they were just about perfect to work cattle out in the remote western states. I they wouldn't take an BS from even large predators. They are tuff little cusses. ;) I have never had to worry about Border Collies taking things too far with livestock. They can work circles around anything you are herding. Their energy is boundless. Work them all day and they will still go out and work more that night. Sadly I have met several Border Collies that had very nervous natures. They were terrified of everything. Socializing them never helped them. These dogs could only bond with one person and were a wreck around anyone else. I do not know if that is bad breeding or what. I had a Border Collie mix. Some days we would wake up and he would just be oozing around the house. He would be like that for weeks, for no reason. You could be watching TV and glance at him and he would cower like you were going to tear him apart. Then he would be fine for months on end. I never did figure out what trigger that behavior in him. But I have never owned such and intelligent dog. I could tell him to do something he was never trained for. Wham, somehow he understood me and just did it. People used to joke that he was an escaped research dog that had been modified with Human DNA. Because he could just pick up complex things in an instant. On the other hand, what could be simple, he just did not have a clue and was a complete Derp. LOL Every Cattle Dog I have met has been very confident. They seems to have an attitude that they did not care if you wanted to pay attention to them or not. If you did, great. If you didn't that was fine too. Maybe it was because they were hard working ranch dogs and not pets? I don't know for sure. I have never met one that was just a house or lap dog. Both have their appealing sides. Both are smart and hard working. But the intellect in the Border Collie is uncanny.
  • @user-xv4ie5ru8k
    No dingo blood in the Australian Kelpie. I breed both Australian heelers (cattle dogs) and Kelpies.
  • @harrybyrd2121
    I have the best of both and her name is Gypsy. She is half border collie and half cattle dog. The smartest and most loyal partner I have ever had.
  • @sbnqy
    Border Collies are simply an amazing breed
  • @roscius6204
    Australian Cattle Dog or Heeler... Red and Blue are the same dog.
  • @MS-tw5qv
    blue heelers are cattle dogs and usually have a black, grey and white spotted coat, Australian kelpies, usually ginger coloured coat and lighter build, are sheepdogs. Both have a bit of dingo blood.
  • @quinthblinth7251
    Why is it such an american thing to call an australian shepard for american shepard?
  • @Redwarfa
    I doubt there was any dingo in acd Halls heelers is the book on their breeding