Published 2024-03-30

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  • @tbrown9328
    I thought it might be Tracey, but Tarique really had me believing him. I'm so glad Matt is not actually a senile racist lmaooo
  • @YoungVinny
    Real OGs know Bradley would've easily guessed who the real officer is
  • @KingQC
    Happy to see Matt accually had a sense of humour
  • Fun fact: Chaunson McKibbins(the man tracey arrested) was a former ten most wanted fugitive for kidnapping and killing a man with a chainsaw.
  • @fabio_novais07.
    Sharky did the impossible by making Matt laugh with his growl 😭
  • @blissfulbirdy
    I'm ngl, Matt made me feel so uncomfortable throughout the video and to see him laugh and hear he's an ex-reporter now-actor made me feel so much better 😂😂 Well done, producers!
  • @_Iriss7
    the “GUN, GUN, GUN, GUN!” i swear bro 😭🙏
  • @yuji_itadoriiii
    00:39 NAHHH HELD TOM HANKS HOSTAGE ON A BOAT IS CRAZYYYY😭😭 (its a funny refercence to a movie called 'Captain Phillps' where tom hanks got held hostage by a somali guy
  • @glebtotskiy118
    Should have brought Bradley as an extra judge 😂 he knows the most
  • @qamarumi2733
    matt is soooo wholesome at the end he has such a cute laughter and smile 😭 and tracy is he coolest cop ever he has such an amazing aura, he’s amazing.
  • @fizzysedits6541
    0:43 The fact that Chunkz called it out straight from the get go just by judging his appearance is crazy
  • AJ saying “the man who looks like an actual cocoa bean” had me dying
  • @jamesharley6300
    I love the subtle jokes of Niko catching 5 nonces and Kenny’s been caught by niko 5 times 😭
  • @I27.127
    "Why did they get arrested for that tho?" Is crazy after Kenny just heard they were banging a horse in public
  • @DottedDee
    Omg Matt is being such a TV drama cop about racism, he's probably had to play the role a thousand times, and if not, this is his audition tape.
  • @Short_clips_niks
    One of the best Beta aquad videos. Sharky shines with this one and Niko switching to white guy was amaziinnggg😂
  • @ateezle
    34:41 AJ: "The guy who genuinely looks like a cocoa bean?" DEADASS 😭
  • Niko being a "Nonce catcher" having -5 crimes while Kenny with 5 crimes and it saying "caught by Niko" is so funny 😭😭
  • @krosherz
    Sig sauer being heard as six hour made me crack up