Guess The Secret NBA Player ft. Gilbert Arenas

Published 2024-05-03
I'm back with another Guess the Secret NBA Player and a very special guest... Gilbert Arenas!

Be sure to show some love to Gil's channels! ‪@GilsArena‬ ‪@NochillGil0‬

Guess The Secret NBA Player ft. Giannis Antetokounmpo
   • Guess The Secret NBA Player ft. Giann...  

Guess The Secret NBA Player
   • Guess The Secret NBA Player  

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All Comments (21)
  • @Zach2K
    #1 really did his research because I was convinced he was Frank Kaminsky until he fumbled the “who was drafted before you” question
  • @elcampeon212
    I was convinced he was Frank Kaminsky. Hornets, Wisconsin, Sam Dekker, Suns, 21 WCF, even mentioned Serbia. Crazy.
  • @bbott137
    "Chris Paul is a nice guy" Gil: XXXXX 🤣
  • When RHJ said his favorite memory was huggin his coach during the regular season and said he sat that game i was dead😂😂
  • @Aki-02
    This series should be filmed more often, entertainment on highest level, especially for the nba fans
  • @realglo
    16:03 Gilbert played tf out of him cause I believed he knew who it was too 😂😂😂
  • @Bolofex
    Holy.... Second player actually had everything matching up to Shake Milton even the College... He did his research
  • @tayttg
    16:03 I thought Gilbert knew it for a sec too 😂
  • @fAzNs
    We want more "Guess the NBA Player" videos! 💯🙌
  • @ChloeSantos14
    Jesse casually invites NBA Players. Jesse has grown so much, We are proud of you!
  • @lukacalov1988
    MJ catching strays on guess the nba player is crazy
  • #1 had me convinced it was Frank Kaminsky, his story seemed really good
  • @wavyaceg
    Jessers back with the bangers! Streets will never forget Jsserthelazer