Published 2022-10-29

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  • @Niko
    Papa is next up guys dont sleep on him
  • @Eugeene
    Manik MC is insane. The amount of skill it takes to make up lyrics as you go like that, he is talented
  • 23:20 The way MC was vibing while gemin1 went off was so wholesome. He just appreciating talent where it is.
  • AJ really thought he was onto something when Manik said 'like a full-time job' 😭😂
  • @viviannjoki94
    The one who did the casting DESERVES a raise cause this was DAMN impressive!!!!!
  • @littleRedxxJade
    As soon as niko was putting up the pieces of paper and that dude was just spitting rhymes i knew it had to be a professional he didn't mess one word up 🤣
  • @Unknown12504
    The second guy’s rapping was soo clean, it was so obvious he was the rapper. The first guy was stumbling on words a lot
  • @Uplicous
    "I thought of it when I looked at you" and chunkz crying off camera was the funniest thing ever 😂😂
  • Stormzy needs to do more things like this the guy is so chill genuinely such a down to earth lad 👌🏾
  • @desklabs3574
    All the rap done by Gemin1 and ManikMC deserve a full sound track.
  • @Drkhan345
    I don’t know how they didn’t clock Manik is the rapper especially after freestyling random words, bare professional rappers out there can’t do that 😂, he’s genuinely really talented
  • @tomibooth1804
    Fair play to stormzy getting this collab he’s going places
  • @ecrinugurlu2312
    Kenny and Niko were so mood in this video. They made me laugh multiple times.
  • @yahuchanon67
    This is one of the best ones ive seen. And ive started to realize what i like about these guys. They get people straight up. Sometimes they get it wrong when they're out of their depth, but not affraid of the challenge even though they really seem to hate being wrong
  • @TheBiffa
    That freestyle from number 2 when Niko was holding up the cards was cold, no way a non-rapper could have pulled that one out the bag. Number 1 was also going in but did stumble a few times and looked a bit nervous for a battle rapper
  • @Jlc27091
    I knew it was Manik MC after round 4, you don't just freestyle random words and make them sound like something, that guy was insanely good.
  • @user-db8qw6ph3v
    I love when niko says the guest is a underground influencer . Please make Guess The Rapper its own series! Its too good!.
  • @chaeese8912
    stormzy went from 16 subscribers to 2 mil thanks to beta squad