Arkansas vs Kansas: Final 1:29 of the Razorbacks' upset

Published 2023-03-18
Relive the final minutes of Arkansas' upset of the No. 1 seed and defending national champions Kansas Jayhawks.

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All Comments (17)
  • noisepuppet
    In all these wild upsets this year, clutch defensive plays have been huge.
  • KT1925
    As outstanding as Devo Davis was in the 2nd half, you've gotta give it up for Ricky Council. He had to be the #1 option when Davis fouled out, and he didn't disappoint
    Ricky went beast mode. Congrats to the Arkansas. This tournament so far didn't disappoint.
  • Michael Huffman
    One of my happiest moments as a Razorback fan, I knew we had a chance if we played to our potential, but wasn't expecting the game to unfold like this. We earned this one, the Hogs pulled this out of the fire big time.
  • Spencer Gwin
    Taking form as one of the best March Madness seasons in my memory. Still got a long way yet. Quoting one of the talking heads terms, "greatest reality TV."
  • Aaron Coleman
    So happy for all of these guys. It was looking like it was destined to be a very disappointing year.. the beauty of college basketball is that you just have to get hot and figure things out at the right time! This team has done that, and man has it been fun to watch! Devo may be playing himself into the nba this year if he keeps playing like he has. Love that kid! So happy he's a Razorback!
  • Jose Aguilar
    WELL PLAYED BOYS LETS GO HOGS!!! Kansas also played hard as well.
  • Jacob Hunnicutt
    Man this last minute and a half took forever. I wasn’t sure my heart was going to hold out.
  • Pernicious Pete
    Nice of the announcers to continually say what Kansas needs to do to win.
  • Joey Kelly
    This is the only major upset so far that I predicted. Arkansas is a great defensive team, and they match up really well against a lot of the higher seeds
  • TL T
    Hope the Arkansas players stay for next year and make a run for the final four
    It will add a lot to their NBA prospects if they do
  • Victor Suarez
    The upset is that there should be more upsets like this game. Go team go.
  • Danna Quinn
    Clutch free throws is almost as heart pounding as waiting out the final seconds
    Unexpected win but tickled to death for the Hogs!