Full final 1:44 from FDU's legendary upset over Purdue

Published 2023-03-17
FDU upset top-seeded Purdue in the first round of the 2023 men's NCAA tournament, becoming just the second 16 seed after UMBC to win a game in March Madness history. Watch the full final 1:44 of the incredible upset here.

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All Comments (21)
  • Eddie Clutch
    Arizona: “we are the most disappointing team this March”
    Purdue: “hold my 1 seed”
  • thesoulman573
    There's something about an upset like this that just inspires so much hope. The smallest team in the country vs one of the biggest. So much heart. So much to overcome. We witnessed history tonight!
  • sparky ball
    These kind of games shows the heart of the underdogs. Let’s go Knights!
  • Kai
    FDU played some amazing defense, what a game
  • Calebos
    Purdue in the last 3 tournaments:
    2021: Lost to 13-seed North Texas (R1)
    2022: Lost to 15-seed Saint Peter's (S16)
    2023: Lost to 16-seed Fairleigh Dickinson (R1)

  • Bill S
    I literally thought I was watching the movie Hoosiers II. As a graduate of FDU this was just amazing.
    NCAA Madness fact, back in 1985 FDU almost became first 16 to beat a 1 when we lost to Michigan by 4. We had a double digit lead and lead at the half.

    Congrats FDU from all of us from 85!
    Do you believe in miracles .. YES!!!
  • IzzyCooks
    7:55 favorite part of this video because he had NO REASON to risk anything and contest a layup up 5 with three seconds left😭 what an absolute defensive masterclass. Props to the FDU players and coaches and thanks for the memory. Hopefully it’s not the last
  • Phillip Riggins
    I’d never heard of FDU before today. Congratulations to FDU. 🎉
  • Joseph Jones
    That 3 pointer at 1:17 that iced the game was so clutch and cold blooded. Way to go FDU!
  • Lucas Blanton
    Some of these blocks by fdu was absolutely insane
  • Ralph Morris
    Both the Purdue and Arizona losses had one thing in common. They both had guards that seemed to have completely forgotten that they had dominant inside play and instead tried to be playmakers themselves. Defensive pressure and poor shot selection at them alive. Great job FDU
  • Efarb12 F
    for most of those guys this will be the most memorable moment of there entire life
    Biggest upset ever! FDU lost conference title to Merrimack, who was ineligible. FDU average height was 6'1, that's 365/365 teams, Purdue was #1. FDU lost to a 2-win team and 2 schools with their first year in D-1. They are ranked 68/68 in this tourney behind 14-21 Texas Southern. They are ranked 298th in D-1. They are in a conference that has never had a team in the NCAA tourney higher than a 16 and all 3 of the conference wins were in the first four only. BIGGEST UPSET IN HISTORY!!! Congrats to FDU, lesson that you are never out unless you think you are, and NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER put money on Purdue basketball!
  • Steven Turner
    Purdue didn’t play close to their ability. FDU played with more confidence than I have ever seen from a team facing such a tough opponent, and they played smart. Officials, in my opinion, did a good job. I’m not even a big fan of basketball, but I really enjoyed this game.
  • Tristen Rodrigue
    My expectations for Purdue were low, but not this low 😂😂😂
  • Frantz Pierre
    This is why I love March madness. You never know how each game will go. What a bracket buster
  • Jim FRENCH
    This is one thing that makes college basketball and March Madness in particular so much fun to watch: The underdog through shear determination and energized play can come out on top. Bravo!
  • Mauro
    #11 From FDU . He shows his greatness on both sides.😮😮😮
  • Adam Place
    Shock and awe part 2! I figured Purdue wouldn't see the second weekend, but I didn't figure they wouldn't see a second game.
  • someone
    Insanity, this is why I love March Madness

    also I didn't realize edey was that big, literally everyone else on the court looks like a child/scaled down compared to him