Arkansas vs. Kansas - Second Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

Published 2023-03-18
Watch the extended highlights of No. 8 Arkansas knocking out defending champs and No. 1-seed Kansas during the second round of the 2023 NCAA men's basketball tournament.

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All Comments (21)
  • Flying Blind
    I’m so proud of this team, guys fought hard and it paid off. What a game. This is March Madness at it’s best. Looking forward to the next round, let’s keep the Muss bus rolling, WPS
  • dc7236
    As an Arkansas fan...
    I admit this all but finished my Brackets...
    And I loved every minute of it!!!
  • Kalan Hitchens87
    Wow. What a game. DEVO FREAKIN DAVIS! Refs were ridiculous for both teams but arkansas showed heart, and was ridiculously clutch.
  • Andrew Bernard
    this was an awesome game. good for arkansas, super gritty and fought hard. got a lot of really likeable players too
  • Ryan D
    Great heart and pretty passing, Arkansas. Congrats! 👏
  • Sports311
    The tournament isn’t played on talent or numbers. It’s based on heart, toughness and collective grit and that’s what Arkansas did getting every loose ball down the stretch
  • Javier Cordova
    Best game of the tournament. There was no point in the game when I was not invested. From the start to the end both teams played as if it were the championship game. The buckets these teams did were insane. As a Kansas hater, I am glad to see them out, but I gotta admit, they played a good match.
  • DaddyShrek
    We beat ‘em in thrillers in both basketball and football this year
  • Fabo
    Arkansas proving they really a legit threat in college basketball. They’ve been advancing consistently over the years. I really saw this coming but it’s so hard to bet against a team like Kansas
  • riverraisin1
    I'm not an Arkansas fan, but that win by the Razorbacks was what this tournament is all about. The coach ripping his shirt off in front of the fans and leading the WPS chant was simply amazing.
    Congrats on the victory.
  • 26michaeluk
    As a UK fan I admire the grit and heart of Arkansas. They fought back time and time again. You can't not respect that. I know we hate each other during the season but tournament time it's SEC. I'm afraid we probably won't get past K-State but good luck. Kansas could've repeated if not for Arkansas.
  • Jim Brown
    Watch #10 on Kansas after shooting the free throw at 10:32 in the video. Dude got lost in the sauce. Completely forgot that he had to man up on a defender so an instant foul could occur on the inbounds. Never get lost in the sauce.
  • LaShaun McCall
    If Trevon Brazile didn't get injured Arkansas would be top 5.
  • DJ Vanderwerff
    Sad to see my Jayhawks fall😞, but what a game! KU doesn't have much of an answer for scrappy southern teams like Arkansas. I wonder how different this would have been if Bill Self was there 🤔. Congrats Razorbacks, you earned it 🏆
  • A Akhtar
    Congrats, Hogs, you showed that the game has to be played hard a FULL 40 MINS... and my 'Hawks, well, they didn't. So far, SEC is proving to be the most impressive post-season conference.
  • L. A. Boyko
    KS had this. Up 12 w/ 15 to play and cruising. AR just kept chipping away. Jayhawks didn't choke. They were beaten by a team that refused to quit and made more plays down the stretch.
  • vihockeyguy1
    Man it just felt like Kansas was getting every roll in the first half, and then in the second half, Devo went on a 10 point run himself but we didn’t close the gap at all. Then it felt like the refs started calling some BS in the 2nd half right after Walsh hit that 3. Then Devo fouled out with us trailing in the last few minutes. But this team never gave up. What a game
  • Mat Mat
    As an Die Hard Arkansas fan, this Destroyed my Bracket, and I'm Loving every Minute of it 🤣🤣🤣
  • Min Song
    Who knew that trying to miss a free throw was that difficult?
  • Free Ballin
    Man I am so happy. Man like listen respect to Kansas y’all’s program history and the 2022 naty win is why this is such a big win for our program. Devo went off in the second half he turned into march madness Devo. Kamani Johnson got so many offensive rebounds. Walsh had a good game. Ricky council clutched up with the free throws in the end. Such a great win