Published 2021-05-29

Jawnhto - Dire Dire Docks Lo-Fi Hip Hop Remix (Super Mario 64) - 00:00:00
Snivys - Game Over Lo-fi Remix (Super Mario World) - 00:03:51
Catorstrax - Steam Gardens Remix (Super Mario Odyssey) - 00:07:52
AlmightyArceus - Undella Town Lofi Remix (Pokemon BW) - 00:09:55
iReadMusic - Urbosa's Theme Lofi Remix (Zelda BotW) - 00:13:32
Meka Imperfect - Don't Ever Forget (I Don't Want to Say Goodbye) Remix (PMD-EoS) - 00:15:45
accentaigoo - Lurelin Village Remix (BoTW) - "lurelin in the rain." - 00:20:16
TeruTeruSky - Thorn in You (Calm) Remix - (Fire Emblem Fates) - 00:23:39
VanilluxePavilion - Poketopia Skylines Remix (Pokemon Battle Revolution) - 00:27:20
snivys - Mantine Surf Lo-fi Remix (Pokemon USUM) - 00:31:23
Umbresp - Swap Meet/Mii of a Kind Theme Remix (Wii Party) - 00:34:56
Jawnhto - Wii Shop Lo-fi Remix - 00:39:47
Raushna - A Fanged Beast Appears! Lo-Fi Version Remix (Monster Hunter 3) - 00:43:33
forger343 - Eternia, the Land of Immortality Remix (Bravely Default) - "Eternal Cold" - 00:45:46
Jack Shelby - Bloo Bay Beach Remix (Paper Mario Color Splash) - 00:50:33
Catorstrax - Lavender Town Remix (Pokemon GSC) - 00:53:33
Equalyze - Lifelight Remix (SSB Ultimate) - 00:57:47
Champion Xegg & Jawnhto - Sidon's Theme Lo-Fi Hip Hop Remix (Zelda BotW) - 00:59:50
snivys - Driftveil City Lo-fi Remix (BW) - "Nodus Tollens" - 01:04:19
Irvin Menezes - Court Begins 2001 Remix (Phoenix Wright) - "The Court After Dark" - 01:08:53
Catorstrax - 10pm Remix (Animal Crossing - New Leaf) - 01:11:59
Phil Zeo - Ballad Of The Wind Fish Lofi Remix (Zelda Link's Awakening) - 01:14:52
Jawnhto & JXC - Great Fairy Fountain Lo-Fi Hip Hop Remix (Zelda) - 01:18:25
snivys - Mistralton City Lo-fi Remix (Pokemon BW) - "Mahpiohanzia" - 01:22:20
accentaigoo - Packing Pests Remix (Rhythm Heaven Fever) - "workday." - 01:26:52
MilkInJapan - Personality Quiz Remix (PMD) - 01:30:16
snivys - Zora's Domain Remix (BotW) - "Open Your Eyes" - 01:33:37
Jack Shelby - Minish Village Remix (Zelda Minish Cap) - 01:39:08
forger343 - Deep Castle Remix (Mario and Luigi- Bowser's Inside Story) - "Deep Vibes" - 01:42:29
ZaRealMusic - Canalave City Lofi Remix (Pokemon DPPt) - 01:46:57
Jawnhto - Invincible Starman Theme Lo-Fi Remix (Super Mario Bros) - 01:49:18
forger343 - Andy's Anthem Remix (Advance Wars) - "Hyper Repair" - 01:53:24
Caleb P. - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon XD Title Screen File Select Lofi Remix - 01:56:01
ZaRealMusic - Skyarrow Bridge Lofi Jazz Remix (Pokemon BW) - 01:59:14
VanilluxePavilion - Gentle Rain Remix (Mother 3) - 02:03:20
snivys - Accumula Town Lofi Remix (Pokemon BW) - "Kairosclerosis" - 02:06:57
forger343 - Talking to Ghosts Remix (Luigi's Mansion) - "Study in Spirits" - 02:11:10
Caleb P. - Malie City (Night) Lofi Remix (Pokemon SM) - 02:14:12
ZaRealMusic - Eterna Forest Lofi Remix (Pokemon DPPt) - 02:19:35
DreamsofEther - Realgam Tower Lofi Remix (Pokemon Colosseum) - "Realgam Jazz" - 02:23:34
Xontron - Pokemon League (Day) Lofi Remix (Pokemon DPPt) - 02:26:24
forger343 - Ghost Memories Remix (Trace Memory/Another Code) "My Ghost's Memories" - 02:28:51
ZaRealMusic - Azalea Town/Blackthorn City Lofi Remix (Pokemon GSC) - 02:31:44
DreamsofEther - Grandma's Theme Lofi Remix (Zelda Wind Waker) - "Chilling Grandma" - 02:35:08
Caleb P. - Within the Sadness Lofi Remix (Pokemon SMD) - 02:37:43
snivys - White Forest Lo-fi Remix (Pokemon BW) - "Occhiolism" - 02:41:36
Catorstrax - Zelda's Lullaby Remix (Zelda OoT) - 02:46:09
AlmightyArceus - Hyrule Stable Lofi Remix (Zelda BotW) - 02:49:01
SilverImpulse - Dire Dire Docks Remix (Super Mario 64) - 02:51:30
Jawnhto - Tallon Overworld 2 Remix (Metroid Prime) - 02:54:46
Catorstrax - Aquatic Ambience Remix (Donkey Kong Country) - 02:59:06
Whitetail - All Star Rest Area Remix (SSB Melee) - "Smash Park" - 03:01:58

Background Visuals by:
Daedelweiss - BotW Visuals -
VictiFreak - Pokemon Legends: Arceus Visuals
Bettimus Art Cafe - Super Mario Galaxy Visuals

Logo Artists:
Bettimus Art Cafe

A huge thank you to all the Megamixers, new and returning, for taking this MASSIVE step for the Megamix project in stride! Our first foray into the greater Nintendo universe was by all accounts a massive success! I am so thrilled by all the amazing remixes and art in this mix, the and the wonderful community that has flourished around these mixes. It makes me so glad to see so many folks creating together and sharing in the things they love :) thank you all!

And of course, a huge thank you to you, the viewer, for listening to the first ever Nintendo Lofi Megamix! With your support, there will be plenty more to come from the Megamix Archive. We’re grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you!

Another Megamix is just around the corner, and this is a familiar favorite….things are heating up...see you soon ;)

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  • Airhersalderaz
    Super chilled but nice Rhythm, whilst maintaining the essence of the originals in principle. It has Significant Presence and unique character, yet does not intrude on thoughts and focus. I'm no expert, but IMO, this is a Rare combination of traits in a custom Mix. Nice Animations too; subtle but characterful.
  • Bailey Collins
    Watched this with my 3 y/o sis, and she kept asking when are they going to eat the soup haha. This is awesome! Nothing of this world I love more than Lo-Fi and the Lo-Fi community.
  • Arctic
    To everyone who's studying with this music:


    β€’ A bottle of water, at least 1 liter. Your brain works better if it has enough water and drinking helps you to concentrate πŸ’¦

    β€’ Your charger. You sometimes don't even notice that your device's battery is going down, so better have it plugged in all the time πŸ”‹

    β€’ Your headphones. You will be able to focus more with headphones, because it blocks background noises. Also, if it's a late night study session, you won't wake up anyone, 🎧

    β€’ a tea or coffee. Coffee keeps you awake, green or black tea can make you feel more awake as well. β˜•

    β€’ Your study/work stuff: your laptop/tablet/ phone, a few pens, paper or whatever you need. πŸ“–

    Anything else you could need, what about a heat pad, a blanket, a good lamp, your pet so you have a study buddy πŸ•

    Reminder: After an hour, you should stand up and walk a bit around. Better stop the music or put on different music for the break. Open your window, even if it's cold outside. Fresh air will make it better, trust me.

    You could also lay your head down on your desk for ten minutes and listen to a podcast. Or, if you have to read a book, listen to the audiobook of it. You can also listen to the audiobook while doing another thing, that's even better than listening to music while reading the book.

    I hope y'all had a good day, if not, that's okay too. Remember to take care of yourself and try to get some sleep tonight 😴 🐻

    (This comment isn't originally mine but I want to keep it for myself as well as help other people πŸ€—)

    Also a side note from me: remember that life doesn't get easier you get stronger! You have endured everything life has thrown at you till now and will continue to do so! Keep pushing on and remember to take a break
  • Sketch aV
    Sad I missed it live, but that's the beauty of the MegaMixes. You can always go back and listen! Time to go be productive while I vibe to the lofi jams :)
  • Caleb P.
    Man this megamix marks my first year involved in this wonderful project! It's awesome to see everyone improving and watching the community grow :)
  • Catorstrax
    Another megamix and once again, I loved every second of it! To everyone who was a part of it in some way or another, I just wanna say keep at it!
  • Victifreak
    This is amazing! The remixers and artists all did such a great job!!
  • I love lofi beats. Just helps me get through the day and stay productive with my own music! Thanks for this man
  • iReadMusic
    omg the botw background is so good, im in looove. glad to be a (small) part of this megamix once again, cant wait for future ones ^-^
  • TeruTeruSky
    My first time doing a Megamix, so I am hyped for this!
  • Ether Dreamsof
    Great job everyone, this is perfect to relax a bit ! It was my first time taking part in this :)
  • Tobi Unit 01
    Great stream and slammin' tunes! Can't wait for Pokemon Summer Megamix 2021!
  • jas
    THE MEGALOVANIA SNEAK IN-- i was not expecting that it caught me off gaurd lmaoo
    anyway this mix is really good! listening while doing hw :)
  • Switch_Zone
    This incredible! I've had this on in the background for an hour now! Its really relaxing as background music
  • The Terrible F8
    I typically don't hear enough Phoenix Wright so it really caught me off guard at 01:08:50. This whole this is just so perfect.
  • Chris Kandt
    A GINORMOUS Thank you! to all involved in creating this and making it available to the public!
  • KuatroKun
    1:02:53 Thanks. Also, thanks for the music, guys, I love it! Can't wait for this year's summer megamix <3
    I'm so proud to hear this. I feel like this could be a good way for other gamers who don't love music that much to start to appreciate the sound of music even more. What made me say these things is to let you know about the fact that there are gamers who are too focused on the game and forgot about the real essence of music, which is quite obvious for most of the gamers.
  • Cloddy
    this is one of the best playlist ive ever heard by just listening through bavkground, pretty chill. you deserve to go to someone's playlist (noice)