How Dua Lipa & Mark Ronson Created 'Dance the Night' for 'Barbie' | Behind the Song

Published 2023-12-15

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  • @ScottThePisces
    Can we get more song breakdowns like this with both the artist and producer?!!
  • @_monamono_2382
    Ngl, Variety has been feeding us a legit quality content recently, and i’m enjoying every single bit of it👏
  • @santhymx
    I know this video is targeted for a commercial audience, but man as an audio engineer student I'd love to see that vocal chain, like DAMN those vocals are so perfectly recorded and sound huge on their own!
  • @robbiesmoonmusic
    It’s crazy that the choreography was made long before the song was made that they were “dancing” to in the movie. That would be such a challenge to write!
  • @SamBryans128
    Dua's purposeful breaking of her voice on the word "hair" is such a great touch. She's bringing the inner turmoil of Barbie to the surface.
  • @Hifirrrr
    I really love that they chose Dua for this song. Knowing she did ultimate save the pop music with Future Nostalgia, shes really the princess of modern disco pop. Can't wait for more of her!
  • @iamfilipinas
    Her voice is so luxurious like velvet. That feels almost as good as Sade’s tone
  • For my taste Dua doesn’t get enough flowers as a vocalist. She is amazinggg ❤
  • @serahbay8864
    Mark Ronson is an unsung legend of the music world for the past two decades. together with Dua's gorgeous vocals and style, what a match made in heaven
  • @Ebow00
    Dua's voice just commands authority. You can hear it clearly on the solo vocals in this one
  • @Jawnson
    I had NO idea there was a acoustic guitar underneath all the layers. It really beefs up the chorus. Please more breakdowns, I've learned a ton watching this!
  • @Jozigirl93
    Shout out to the cast for preforming that to a click track! And these two for making it seem like it was always there!
  • @lexis4490
    Mark Ronson may be one of the GOATs in music.
  • I really love the effort they put into this, every detail, and how the song describes perfectly what happens to Barbie and us as humans. like "when my world shakes i feel alive" is a wonderful lyric for me. I hope they win the Golden Globe and get nominated for an Oscar.
  • @laurabraus
    Can we talk about how the actors and actresses were not hearing this song when they filmed that scene but somehow danced to it perfectly
  • @crocadoodle7101
    Dua Lipa seems so proud of this song, yet low key and humble at the same time. Such a great song and a beautiful voice.
  • @rocco3605
    It’s so amazing to see everything broken down; some bits you might only notice when they’ve been separated from everything else but that just gives you a deeper appreciation for how it all comes together to make something perfect. 3:09 I love how casually he says “and then I came up with this string line” before proceeding to play the most fire thing ever.
  • @drewrayg
    It's an incredible song. The Barbie soundtrack one of the best film soundtracks this year.
  • @smit5590
    I admire Dua Lipa. I love nothing but her kindness, humility, gentleness, calmness, positivity, and intelligence.♥️♥️🥰🥰