Saturn The Solar System’s Greatest Wonder

Published 2023-11-28
Unveil the mysteries of Saturn, the often overlooked beauty of our solar system. From its ferocious storms to mesmerizing rings, explore the wonders and secrets hidden within the captivating realm of Planet Six!

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  • @rossjones1530
    “Thought they came out every 30 years, like a less creepy version of Eugene Victor Tooms.” absolutely floored me, an absolute all-time line from one of these channels.😂
  • Lol I love when they have Simon make anime references and he does them perfectly and I laugh because I know he doesn't get the anime reference he just made 😂
  • I was not expecting a Spy x Family reference on a video about Saturn from Simon yet here we are lmao
  • @artbyjennyray
    Eugene Victor Tooms?! That's quite the deep cut X-Files reference!
  • Simon and team, I'm loving this channel so much and hopefully you'll cover the newly discovered "Perfect Solar System" soon on this channel.
  • Another whistler verse master piece , looking forward to watching astrographics grow!
  • @LiviaIndica
    13:42 Eugene Victor Toombs! Lol An old, old X-Files reference! Awesome.
  • @paulvenera3944
    Another day another channel im subbed to all and cant wait for more space stuff!
  • Yet another great and informative video, with yet another unattainable anime reference for Simon to marinate over
  • "...or Britain without the rain and the moaning." Absolutely poetic. Especially from my perspective, living near the west coast of Canada.
  • @bradlevantis913
    Anyone else remember “The Day the Earth Smiled” photo? The fact they we knew when it was happening made such an impact I feel it was one of the most important moments in space exploration
  • @laurachapple6795
    "If you've ever gotten a little bit baked and googled 'funky pictures of Saturn'." Are you watching me, Simon?
  • Had to rewind to make sure I didn’t imagine the Eugene Victor Tooms reference from Season 1 of The X-Files. Wow!
  • @Turbo495
    Love the content and glad I was able to find it. I follow all of Simon's channels and this is another great one, I was wanting you to make a dedicated sapce channel for a while. I cant wait for this to blow up, the content you guys put out is really under rated.
  • @JohnSuave
    BRUH that Eugene Tombs reference though!!!!! 🫡
  • Saturn fans complaining about playing second place to Jupiter in probe count... Meanwhile Neptune fans like me "Yeah, that's rough..."
  • @Jayjay-qe6um
    "The Saturn system is a rich planetary system. It offers mystery, scientific insight, and obviously splendour beyond compare, and the investigation of this syatem has enormous cosmic reach... just studying the rings alone, wr stand to learn a lot about the discs of stars and gas that we call the spiral galaxies." -- Carolyn Porco