I Played the HARDEST Skyblock

Published 2024-02-19
In this video I play through the hardest skyblock map that is still posible in in hardcore mode. So no jumping off the island, no backups (to increase your chances with the wandering trader and to get iron shovels from zombies). With just 81 blocks to play around with you have to stretch minecraft to its limits to progress. This was truly an insane Skyblock challenge which I started over 200 days ago and today I have this video that documented my journey, enjoy watching :)!

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Wonder Woman Theme Epic Cover Version by Bennie Music:
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Some song I actually dont know the name of
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If you made it down here you are a legend, thanks for watching :)!

Lord Jon25
February 2024

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  • @LordJon25
    Thank you so much for watching :)! I must tell you that when making a single video takes more than 200 days it is guaranteed that a lot of new videos will pop up, containing similar ideas: Before I started making my video on 15.7.2023 (the day I started recording) there was the original series by Pinu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66q2bgLwWLs&t=1806s&ab_channel=Pinu JokePokeys series on how to theoretically do the vanilla one block: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VN-_kQfbkm4&ab_channel=Jokeypokey Tzemmiecat's super hard skyblock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vidurYLXyuE&ab_channel=Tzemmiecat And while I was making my video these videos were uploaded: Mudflaps oneblock (10.11.2023): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIxOi0eQrNU&ab_channel=MudFlaps Martincitopants's playthrough (15.7.2023): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_OwK2OzO8E&ab_channel=martincitopants Nothing skyblock by Ender Skull (29.12.2023): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPchoCjzRWg&ab_channel=EnderSkull Now the idea that is the most like mine and comparable in difficulty is the nothing skyblock by Enderskull, but we developed our skyblocks without the knowledge of others existence (If you don’t believe check the screenshot's timestamps throughout the video (day164 8:20) and by the time his series started (uploaded first ep on youtube) I have already played through 500 days in my world. But nevertheless, I think my video is still unique as it introduces new strat at the start of the game that previously hasn’t been seen before (spiders and wool for building blocks). My playthrough also didn’t use any backups of the world to help me with the RNG and the introduction of hardcore made food also an important thing to take care of :)! And with just 81 blocks this map truly pushes the challenge to the next level :)! Anyways thank you so much for taking the time to read this and have a great day!
  • @pyjamaprince
    Dude this was absolutely insane!!! While we casual people trade emeralds with villagers, Jon traded them with foxes...
  • @Veasirae
    never would i expect someone to build their first cobblestone generator on day 554 in skyblock.
  • @SteampunkFiend
    The anxiety I felt while you walked on 1 wide bridges was unparalleled. Great job!
  • @accentedreality
    This entire video was entirely too much work... and I thank you for every second of it. That's a LOT of editing!
  • @Spifey
    666 days is a crazy amount of dedication
  • @Nooticus
    200 irl days to make a video is insane dedication. You’re the GOAT
  • No way ! the music playing around 22:06 used to play in a slapstick stopmotion animation for kids called Pat & Mat in the Czech Republic(CzechoSlovakia) that i used to watch. This brought some memories :D
  • @zio-dio
    200 days to make a 25min video is crazy, I enjoyed watching the whole video ❤
  • @Zuperkai
    Forget about minecraft and skyblock, your detail to numbers and visual storytelling, whilst wasting NO time is super impressive, very very very well made video dude!!
  • @23rdScholar
    the patience that took to make this video... utter respect to this guy
  • @vibejesus4792
    bro knows EVERY Minecraft mechanic there is to know
  • @thesemihax
    You literally went from just dirt blocks to beating the game. That's actually incredible. While most of the days came from AFKing, you still played for like 300 days. You have way more dedication than I could ever have. Please make more videos on this world!
  • @Mogswamp
    Banger video, absolutely love to see my man Wandy T getting some love
  • @Vanka7a47
    This was an amazing video! I didn't know you could beat skyblock with this circumstances. A very creative way and also hard! Deserved my follow and like!
  • @TwoMuchMonocle
    119 days for a single emerald, you could hear the literal joy in your voice haha
  • @thepope6322
    Wandering traders dont spawn on snow layers, thats why it took so long
  • @sera1143
    I never enjoy watching minecraft speedruns/challenges but this one seemed so insane that I needed to check it out. absolute madness. amazing work!!