I Built The Most Over The Top Nether Portal In Minecraft Hardcore (E4)

Published 2022-04-13

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  • @JimothyHalp
    The mining out the same flower three times in a row after he said he’s color blind killed me
  • Great, now you need to build a overworld portal in the nether on the other side of this portal with a hidden overworld base inside. You can fake water with blue stained glass, afterall you are already a pro at processing it anyway lol
  • @Ecliptor.
    the best detail in all of this for me was the stone surrounding the circle and then planting trees around it, that really made it look like it was killing the flora
  • @Beppojoe
    Kolanii 1,000,000 subs lets goo! Well deserved!
  • @shadowptt96
    Kolanii is the type of person who would spent a month changing minor inconvenience
  • it'd been cool to do two different trees- a warped and a crimson, intertwined and wrapped around either one- but you already suffere so much for this and it's amazing
  • @Phantom_Dlux
    Kolani: "My arm physically hurts from playing a videogame" Also Kolani : Plays the game for another 4 hours
  • @jayfirth
    why does kolanii sound so enthusiastic yet so unenthusiastic at the same time? i love it
  • @rogerritch5796
    Really cool! I'm a 40 year old dad that never thought I'd play Minecraft. Then I had kids, now I'm almost two years into a hardcore world. Some of the things I see people build really brought out the creative side of me I didn't know existed. Thanks for showing this off.
  • @DragonJJ
    This inspired me to make my own portal like this. I did it in creative and it's only as big as the island, but I still broke and placed thousands of blocks. Thank you for showing me that I can do something incredible.
  • I love how kol is great at the game and does this wild stuff and then is like "wait, silk touch gives me glass blocks??"
  • @MrJonitoni35
    9:02 "If i make this you have to subscribe". (Me visually impressed at that neat trick): - Now that's a guy who knows what he wants.
  • @Ace-ace-baby
    Rest your hand man you might end up with carpal tunnel and take regular breaks we can wait health is important but your builds are amazing
  • Honestly, when I clicked I was only gonna see what was the project and skip to the end to see the result, but the editing and the pacing really got me stuck through the whole video Great job, I wish I had half of your creativity and dedication to do this kind of things
  • Just watching him build this monstrosity, gives me pain in the arm. Imagine the pain this man got through!! Kk This deserves way more than a like, OMG!! 👏👏
  • I wish you could make portals any way you want, as long as they are flat