Pranks Destroy Scam Callers- GlitterBomb Payback

Published 2022-05-08
Please share this video and let’s shut them down.

Jim’s video-    • Pranking Scammers ft. Mark Rober  
Trilogy Media's video-    • GLITTERBOMBING a Scam Call Center w/ ...  

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If you are with the press or a law enforcement agency and you would like access to all the evidence we've amassed against these 3 centers, please email us at [email protected]

How to avoid being scammed-

If you suspect that you or a loved one has been the victim of fraud, you can call the National Elder Fraud hotline at 833-372-8311 and report it to the FTC by visiting the agency’s website or calling 877-382-4357.

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Thanks to these folks for providing some of the music in the video:

Ponder -
Laura Shigihara -  @supershigi 
Andrew Applepie -
Blue Wednesday -

All Comments (21)
  • @MarkRober
    Sometimes you’ve got to fight the bully on his own turf. Please share this video and let's get these 3 scam call centers shut down for good.
  • @TrilogyMedia
    Was an absolute honor to be a part of this. Let's take these guys down!
  • @IDontKnowMan715
    Seeing the scammers rage and use death threats after getting pranked was utterly the most satisfying thing I have seen in my life. 🤣
  • @user-fu8ho2gg8q
    정말 좋은 일을 하고 계시네요!
    위험을 무릅쓰고 직접 행동하신 모습이 인상적이였습니다
    이 작은 후원금이 누군가에게 큰 도움이 되길 바랍니다👍👏👏👏
  • My wife got scammed back in 2020 before we got married, and when she told me about it, I sent her this video in order to show her that there are awesome people like you out there willing to take revenge on them.
  • @Elariel13
    Вера в человечество не потеряна, пока есть такие люди, как Марк! Спасибо за то, что вы делаете!
  • @rhonda8231
    You need to bribe the cleaners. They have access everywhere and they are not watched as closely. Great job, guys
  • @JimBrowning
    This was an absolute blast. I have a feeling it's going to result in something much bigger than a few YouTube videos. It was a pleasure working with you as always Mark.
  • @svire3370
    This makes me happy that it's possible to get things done with passion and dedication in our day and age when authorities are so reluctant and helpless.
  • @BangMaster96
    To think, this entire saga started because someone stole a $5 package from Mark's porch.
  • @ianwilliams6020
    Bravo Mark. Scammers are the worst of the worst. I would absolutely love to be a part of messing with them if giventhe opportunity. So glad to see progress in action to disrupt their business. Would love to see more videos of it too!! Thank you again Mark.
  • @geoffmorse4366
    The most unbelievable part is these clowns know they are doing something illegal and when you catch them at it, they go off on a tirade and make threats.
  • @MaxPalaro
    We have our REAL Avengers. Thanks Mark. You made me believe again
  • Thank you for spending time and resources on trying to do this. The world needs more people like you!
  • So amazed what a bit of dedication and passion can do... Still remember watching you make glitter bombs, now you're a hero.
  • @TIOLIOfficial
    I just love how this whole thing turned into a full blown series, taking place over upcoming years.
  • “No one wants to be defined by the worst in their midst.”
    AMEN! No matter gender or ethnicity/nationality
  • I like how we does pranks on severe situations and explains it casually.
  • @ownagepranks
    This was incredible, bravo gentlemen! If you ever need some additional help on pranking these scumbags even MORE, I'd love to help on the next one 😉