Bed Bugs- What You've Been Told is Totally False

Published 2023-03-04

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  • Mark accidentally avoided the most simple advice that everyone hears but pays no attention to, he did in fact let the bed bugs bite.
  • HJV
    My jaw literally dropped when they showed the house with the really bad infestation. It blows my mind that any human could live in that sort of environment.
  • Sigma Chad
    I hate bugs. But I love learning. Great and informative video. I now know way more about Bed Bugs than I ever would have. Thanks to Mark, the team and everyone involved. :)
  • E Silva
    This is a really fun video to watch at 1am when you can't sleep. I just feel itchy all over my body. But somehow Mark draws me in and I'm learning so much! There's a video idea: why do some people feel what they see? Like I feel them crawling on me but they're not. Or if someone gets kicked in the nuts, I feel it. The brain is a complex thing..
  • Aisling Connors
    This video has been so helpful! I just got my first bedbug issue and I’ve been crying and freaking out not knowing what to do. This video helped me calm down and focus on how to get rid of the bugs. Thank you Mark ❤
  • Uptopswag 84
    He doesn't realize how lucky he is to have never seen or dealt with bed bugs before this video!
  • Bad idea watching this at 2am while in bed. Now I feel things crawling on me!😭
  • Terra Firma
    I had to clear two infestations myself. The methods chosen by me, diatomaceous earth in bedpost coasters combined with putting it in the corners of the baseboards, and then taping over all the baseboards with packaging tape. This trapped them in the baseboards with the diatomaceous earth. I also got a plastic impermeable mattress bag. Finally, we covered the pet beds in diatomaceous earth and put all beds and cloth furniture high on shelves after doing this. Exterminators in northern Utah have no idea how to handle bed bugs and they failed to experiment the two times we tried the professional route.
  • Vicky Hawblitzel
    I use diatomaceous earth in hot water and mop my bedroom floor. I use a hand towel to get in the corners and edges. When it dries, it leaves a very light film. I also have the inhibitor cups, sealed mattress covers and keep my bed 6 inches from the wall. Thanks for validation of my steps that seem to be great prevention measures!
  • leokimvideo
    Bed Bugs / Stink Bugs it seems both are constantly mating
  • theaberrantdon
    We're all completely sure that there are bed bugs somewhere in our houses, even though we haven't seen any signs, aren't we?
  • Amy83
    I'll start off by saying I've done some really weird things in my life, one being keeping roaches and spaghetti jars I had 30 samples I wanted to see how long they would survive without eating how many babies each contained how many male supposed to females etc but the weirdest was going to the laundromat and capturing bed bugs and keeping them in pill bottles seeing how long I could keep them without eating how much they would eat just so I could learn about them on my own and I had one for 7 months with no food--I've also kept normal things like caterpillars, that eventually molted into butterflies/moths..ppl say those that do this are weird/gross but that is how we learn...
  • Jamison Moore
    Prof. Wong is the kind of academic I love. Huge nerd, loves his subject, happy to share, has a lab of horrors in the basement.
  • - 42 -
    Also for those living in colder regions, putting things outside during the winter has the same effect as the freezer option, kinda obvious but I thought it worth mentioning.
  • secretsquirrel
    Now, what I want to know and would have loved to have seen a video diary of is:

    A) did any of you find bedbugs on yourselves or your equipment following the filming of this?
    B)Did any, or all of you become ever so slightly obsessed with investigating any little itchy feelings you experienced and how long did that last?
    C) Did any or all of you return home and start checking your own homes and bedrooms for the presence of bedbugs, and how long did this last?

    Are you all still checking?
    I bet you were for quite a while afterwards.

    I mean, I’m watching this from the other side of the planet and I’m getting all itchy and scratchy just seeing them.

  • Lily AvarA
    I love that professor, I love anyone who loves bugs, especially compared to people who are freaked out. The contrast is always hilarious
  • Grace Pennington
    Watched this video the day it came out. And then of course, so many nights later, I just had a nightmare about bed bugs last night. They were huge and gorging on my hands. Unpleasantly hard to pull off and get rid of. Terrified of the long term risks. Thanks, Mark, for the fun subconscious torture. Wishing you all happy dreaming. Sleep tight and please don't let those bed bugs bite.
  • WeAllMadHere
    I would have been covered in welts! A mosquito looks at me and I start to itch😢. It would be a cool experiment to see how people with different blood types react to the bites and if the bugs are attracted to certain types more.
    This was cool to watch; thanks Mark!
  • edstella
    Big shoutout to Dr. Changlu Wang for showing you all this and being a really chill and nice guy! The way he gave you that bonus 11th bed bug was hilarious. Also, looking him up, his bio page on Rutger's has him wearing that same blue gingham shirt! He seems like a fun sort of insane grandpa/mad scientist type. He's got tons of accolades and patents as well concerning insects, so he really knows his stuff.
  • alkh3myst
    Thanks, Mark! This was very informative. INFO: the applicator Mark uses to dust with the diatomaceous earth is available on Amazon, for about $9. There are other ones of varying prices