Bed Bugs- What You've Been Told is Totally False

Published 2023-03-04
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All Comments (21)
  • Bad idea watching this at 2am while in bed. Now I feel things crawling on me!😭
  • @chek6303
    Mark is brave. He could bring one pregnant bedbug home. That's all it takes. I personally would not even get near this lab.
  • @antonioj358
    My father once told me that during his military service, he was assigned to a garrison where he encountered a room infested with bed bugs. Determined to find a solution, the next day he headed to the kitchen and grabbed four large empty canned food containers. Filling them with water, he placed each bed leg into a can. To his dismay, he discovered the following days that the bugs had changed their strategy. Instead of climbing up the bed legs, they had found a way to reach the ceiling and then strategically dropped onto the bed! Truly amazing.
  • @AnonymousFactor
    I’m a social worker who has to go into infested homes sometimes. These situations have always been scary for us because we don’t know how to protect ourselves and can’t really afford to hire help if we bring them home. I’m so glad to have this information to share with my colleagues and clients now.
  • @Enemisses
    The professor seems like exactly the type of person who would be an entomologist. Love that guy.
  • @AC-cp3zr
    I don’t know if you’re aware of how valuable and how useful this video is, how helpful it is, especially to people living in poverty. Thank you so much.
  • Mark accidentally avoided the most simple advice that everyone hears but pays no attention to, he did in fact let the bed bugs bite.
  • Some things he didn’t mention - they will adapt to your sleep schedule to feed whenever you are sleeping, and will even attack while you’re awake. If you prevent them from climbing the bed to get to you, they will climb the wall and onto the ceiling, and drop onto the bed. If you take public transportation, you can get them from other passengers - especially in a tight bus or subway train. This is the most adaptable bug you can imagine.
  • Hi Mark, you should build a bed bug trap. A device that radiates heat and CO-2 on a pole, placed on the same trap you put under the beds legs.
  • This is the first time I have seen a bed bug. The stages they go through were very helpful as well. Must be able to recognise them if staying in a hotel while traveling. I was born in 1950 and was shocked by the statistics that at that time, 1 in 3 homes had bed bugs. Our family and extended family never had them in our houses. I saw my first Cockroach when I lived in an apartment house with other students. I did not know what kinds of bugs were in my bathtub until someone told me. After graduation, my father did not let me bring my things home. I understand why. My father said the south had the largest Cockroaches when he was stationed there for a while in the early 1940s. Thank you for the hot water/steam and diatomaceous earth tips, just in case.
  • @jenniferchin429
    I had a terrible bedbug infestation, and I had my public housing exterminator them 3 times. Didn't work. Im also pretty allergic to them, so my arms, legs and body looked like raw hamburger. I finally totally eradicated them using Diatomaceous earth, as you suggested, and totally replacing my bed and soft furniture. I wish I had seen your video much earlier🎉
  • @NameUWU1
    Dude, this is not edutainment anymore, this is actual public service. Well done
  • @nick2612
    I've never experienced bed bugs, but this has inspired me to burn my house down just to be safe.
  • @jdaz5462
    The heat option works great and it definitely doesn't cost $4000. I had a rental house that had bed bugs. I just put a bunch of heaters in there and got the place up to about 130 deg F. No more living bugs!
  • @jackierash9680
    It was so hard watching this almost makes me want to cry for all the people who lost everything because of those rotten worthless bugs
  • I live in a cold place and once we found a roach that was huge. Id say an inch and a half and had huge wings. It was dying because it obviously wasn’t from around here but I’ve always wondered where it came from. Must have been a shipping container...but it ended up in a residential area. It was something I will never forget.
  • @SaruiRalla
    Just found this video and I'm glad I did! I've been dealing with a mild (as in my bed didn't look nearly as bad as the moderately-infested room did when I first found them) infestation in my apartment for about a year now, and unfortunately I'm among the 50% of people who get nasty red welts from bites. Sprays worked well for a bit, but I suspect they aren't doing as well anymore, and now I know why. But sprinkling with the diatomaceous earth alongside spraying seems to do quite well, and I'm on my way to purchasing a handheld steamer. x3 Thanks for the interesting entomological information as well!
  • @dustynn.9030
    Thank you for producing this wonderful piece of work. Very informative and wildly easy to understand.
    You're helping many people begin to rest easy once more.
  • @RogueODST
    My mom has been at war with bed bugs for almost 2 years now, spent over 8000 on exterminators all failing to do their job, not one of them even suggested steam or how to properly use diatomaceous earth, she can't afford exterminators anymore and has resorted to harsh chemicals which seem to have handled the bulk of them, but with what I've learned here I can hopefully help her to finish them off and prevent future problems, thank you.
  • @yolielin4143
    I have a beginning, mild case of bed bugs. I have bought a clothes steamer, alcohol spray, and diatomaceous earth powder. I am ready!! Btw, thank you a million times for this video. I was having anxiety attacks due to bed bugs!