I Pray This Computer Sucks.. Cuz I’m gonna sell it for $1

Published 2022-10-27
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Today Linus is rolling dice to decide what does into a computer.. but there is a twist. Whatever computer he rolls must be sold for $1. Best case for Linus the computer will be $373, worst case it will be $16,795.

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  • @ruslanetss
    Linus, I'm ready to double the stakes. I'm gonna buy it for the whole $2.
  • @dunkinzsoda
    This bit idea was brilliant. Whoever came up with it good on you 👍
  • Linus's voice cracking when he repeat the price that it might cost him really gets me.
  • @jm5206
    Linus going over the details of that Sun Microsystems case like it was a legit contender was hilarious.
  • @RobertRvv
    why i like your channel is you make it easy to understand my friend age 65 asked me to help make a pc but as i sent them to your channel and also i did help with what they needed but your channel helped alot as they put the pc together themselves with little to no help so you make it easy to understand
  • @jasonquinn4516
    The passive-aggressive level from linus at the staff never disappoints with these live streams.
  • linus has been presenting videos so long the live stream almost just feels like a regular youtube video what a pro, his on camera work is so consistent, plus he cares about what he is talking about great content!
  • @clavatgamboa
    The look of absolute terror and disbelief on linus face when alex told him how much was the worst case scenario.
  • @xdirtyrandyx
    thank you for doing this, you're essentially giving this away to a supporter so i realized you're doing something good for someone
  • @FPSS1488
    Linus, you are the only one that I can watch for 3h+ building a PC. Keep it up!
  • I originally had no intention of watching the whole damn thing, but it was surprisingly good. I liked the rando premise, which is actually pretty relevant for those of us on old/budget/secondhand/donated hardware. Alex was a good wingman, and a shout-out to Anthony who was trying to avoid the cameras, but failed. 😁 I love the idea of "LTTNotCom"; I'm nowhere near BC, but somehow it seems to round out the LTT Death Star you've been building (as well as dispose of all the reviewed stuff you're drowning in). It's like a Lego Store -- you might not have one, but the world is better for having it. Still don't know how to apply to purchase the frankenPC (I'm not on social media so I probably won't find out soon enough to participate), but great fun nonetheless. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
  • @09williamsa
    Seeing Alex chuckle at Linus' reaction to the $4K GPU being in the running was all I needed to see today.
  • @Amin2k
    This seems like such a fun stream. You are doing great work Linus!
  • @ianlehman8342
    I was surprised to see the Phononic Hex make a return from the peltier cooling video. I still happen to have one (just missing the mounting hardware) from my parents' friend, who, if I recall, manages commercial sales for the company. I have yet to try it because I'm unsure of how it'll work, but I imagine it'll be okay with 65w processors.
  • This was honestly one of the most entertaining streams you have ever done! I'm sure it was an expensive video to produce, but I really enjoyed it!
  • @Animosity00
    These livestreams really separate the wheat from the chaff. Linus has been in front of a camera for so long that this felt like a fully edited and scripted video. Writers, behind the scenes crew, massive props to you all. Production is top tier at LMG.
  • @blaked7532
    Im still using an AZZA GT1 case. I've rebuilt my system 4 times in the same case. The mobo tray completely slides out the back so you can do all of the hard ware stuff out side the case then just slide it in and hook up your cables, and the display window and internals can be flipped from right side to left side. Its great.
  • This video has played every night whilst I’m falling asleep for months now