Playing Minecraft's WEIRDEST Update...

Published 2023-04-11

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  • @CURSEDvids
    Everyone: "We can milk things!" Grian: "wHeReS jOeL?"
  • The fact that as soon as people realized the potential of players colliding with each other they immediately make the infamous player stack shows that people just like making big stacks of things.
  • @Nexor1
    9:02 “Stop riding me guys and milk me “-Joel 2023
  • @Squish_Squash
    I think grian getting the advancement jingle while looking at the minecraft earth at 13:53 was actually kinda beautiful
  • @thatkhan
    Timmy being the last one to the moon and arriving just when everyone left is peak comedic timing
    Grian's "Guys is the moon big?!" reference was such a welcome surprise
  • @sethsmith2608
    fun fact, applying dream mode in this update makes the world seem magical with glowing and mist, but more importantly, it increases ender pearl rates from piglin bartering by 20%. lol thx for 1.8k likes btw
  • @SophieRo_
    Lizzie: "The moon stopped!" Joel: "Yeah. That's cause it's the sun."
  • Now I just want to see grian make a massive full size moon base…
  • @ef1876
    I love these silly one off videos that just consist of Grian having fun with friends and trying out various Minecraft mechanics! I really hope we get more videos like this in the future
  • @bennyl9228
    the vote update is practically a compilation of features that the community has been begging for for YEARS (vertical slabs - cheese, place block & pickaxe block, colored lighting, etc.)
  • They should definitely make a life series focused around on this update, reset the votes every session
  • "Think of the detail you could have with this much cheese" is a sentence i thought i'd never hear, especially not from grian
  • @B_Skizzle
    To provide some context, that first proposal is a reference to the skill system in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. In that game, you get better at certain things just by doing them a lot, and that includes running and jumping.
  • Grian actually calling Jimmy Jimmy for once gives me whiplash cuz Grian and Martyn are just so committed to the bit that they rarely call him Jimmy
  • Grian and the gang getting up to April shenanigans again, makes my day!
  • @Senorgato029
    The sheer chaos of the “update” fits grians chaotic nature quite well I must say
  • @simpson6700
    mojang made an entire dimension out of a block that can be shaped in any way you'd want, meaning there are no performance issues with this tech. i'm going to be really mad if we don't get this as a replacement for stairs and slabs of all kind. this would also help with the inventory problem, as we don't need to carry all the variants of blocks anymore.